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5 ways to breakthrough Holiday frustration!


The holidays are supposed to be full of joy, peace, laughter, and fun.

But, instead, they can be full of frustration, overwhelm and worry.

Before you can turn around its ten days to Christmas and you haven’t got one thing done!

Like, the shopping and the decorating or the baking, wrapping etc., isn’t close to being finished.

And then, you’re fussing and worrying about the money aspect.

Let’s face it, Christmas and the holidays are expensive!!

They put a big dent in the budget both financially, and with your time.

So, I’m going to give you five ways that can help you get it all done, finished and you’re still in one piece.

And, you’re going to feel good about it!

#1.  The decorating!

Yes, I know some of you’ve been very good and it’s done, but a lot of us have had to go to work, cook for the family and well, it’s still not where you want it all to be.  If you haven’t got your decorating finished here’s a couple of tips that might help you.

(a)  Delegate!  Yup, you put on the hot chocolate and get the rest of the family involved.  Make it fun!  Have some popcorn, hot chocolate (or a glass of your favorite wine) and make it a party!

(b)  Decide how you’re going to feel about accomplishing all of what you want to be done!  If you start out with a headache, it will feel like one.  Make a deliberate choice to have fun and feel good right down to the cleanup and putting the boxes away.

#2.  The shopping!

For me, shopping can feel like it never ends.  There’s always another present to buy or one you forgot to buy. Don’t worry, here’s a couple of solutions that work!

(a)  Write a list.  Physically write a list preferably on a piece of paper.  Put everyone on the list and then write what you would like to purchase beside their name.  You can also add a store where you can find it.

(b)  Schedule time to shop.  Put the time you can make available on your calendar just like any other appointment you have.  This works!  Don’t let yourself off the hook.  Go shopping in your allocated time and you’ll find it gets done efficiently and without the normal frustration and confusion.  This will make you are not neglecting other duties that you are required to do in your normal life.

#3.  The money!

Everyone has some sort of a budget in mind.  If you don’t then that’s where we start.

(a)  How much money are you willing to spend?  You have your list right?  Then work out your overall budget and then allocate the dollar amount to spend alongside each person.  This keeps you within your budget and stops impulse buys.

(b)  Are you worried about how much you will or can spend?  This worry can lead you into trouble.  Think about your money this way.  I have enough to buy something to give everyone.  You do not have to have the gift that breaks the bank, you could have the gift that is something small, inexpensive, but thoughtful.  Thoughts of not enough lead to not having enough.  There is enough to go round.

(c)  Are you thinking each gift has to be perfect?  Perfection is a flaw really.  Nothing is as perfect as the thought that goes into the smallest gift that makes your special person smile.  There are lots of great gifts for not much money!

#4.  Frustration and feeling overwhelmed!

Oh my, if you have a kid or two then frustration can totally come to overwhelm you.  But, both frustration and overwhelm are feelings.  They come from a thought which means you can choose the thought that fuels the frustration or not.  You can choose a better feeling thought.

(a)  When you feel frustration rising or overwhelm beginning to consume you here’s a short exercise you can do.  Take control of what thought is fueling that feeling immediately.  Start a better thought.  Choose that thought over the “I can’t do this etc., etc.,”  You can choose to feel better about everything in your life.

(b)  Take some deep breaths.  Focus on your thoughts over your feelings.  Think it through.  Do you want this to be the usual disaster or do you want something different?  Only you can choose how to think which causes you how to feel.

#5.  Overeating and overdrinking.

Numbers 1 through 4 lead you to go “to heck with it!  I’m eating and drinking what I want!  I’ll deal with it in the New Year!”  So here are a couple of tips to help with that.

(a)  You don’t have to blow your food or your drink.  It’s all about being in control.  In YOUR MIND.  Choose before the party or the day or the event what you want to eat.  How much is that?  And, how many drinks are enough?  I suggest two in any situation especially if you are thinking of driving.  And, if you are driving those two drinks need to be over several hours.  You do not want a DUI.  Or, choose the blowout for the evening, but, have a designated driver or get an Uber or something like that.  Do NOT compromise yourself because it is the Holidays!

(b)  Do not ever think you have to drink or eat to enjoy yourself.  Enjoyment is not eating or drinking, it is the company you are keeping.  It is the conversations, the catching up with friends or family, it is not about what you consume.  Keep focused on that and you will come out the other side without the weight or the worry.

So there are more than five pointers that can help you get through to the New Year.

I do want to thank you for reading my blog this year and if you have suggestions for a subject you would like me to talk about in the New Year please let me know.

If you are not feeling the Holiday spirit and need someone to talk to  CLICK HERE

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!





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