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7 plus 7? What?


So what’s 7 plus 7?

Did you know in the Law of Attraction there are really seven laws?

And, did you know that when you are trying to implement the Law of Attraction you can’t really do anything other than be who you are now, putting what you are thinking and being right now, into attracting what you want?

So, what does that look like in your thoughts?

You see what you’re thinking is what you’re attracting.

Is that what you’re wanting to have in your life?

The Law of Attraction delivers what is wanted and, what is not wanted, depending on the signal you are giving out to the Universe.



So let’s look deeper.

You can be upset with your kids but, not thinking they are horrible or any other negative thought, but, underneath know, they are great kids and you’re just trying to get them in line.

But, if you genuinely are thinking I hate this stuff etc then that’s what you’re putting out there.  If you are always negatively assessing every situation then, that’s what you’re attracting.

All of these behaviors come from thought patterns or, what is called belief systems that we create out of our childhood and beyond.  We can stay in these thoughts forever, and lead lives that align with these instilled childhood patterns, or we can change them.

This is where the Law of Attraction expands into the other laws that enhance and support what is wanted and what is not wanted in our lives.

Now, let’s talk about that a little more.

Did you know that the place where your thoughts and memories are stored in your brain responds to smell?

Yup, I just said that.  Smell.

How many times have you associated a smell with a memory?

How powerful is that when it happens?

What if you could associate old memories you wish you could erase with a smell that could change that?

I know you are going how and where can I get it?  Click right here!

Let’s go back to I’m putting out to the Universe what is wanted and not wanted and that is what is coming back to me.

What if a memory, a block, a pit you are circling around because you can’t let go, is stopping you from having all you want?

What if you could have an hour session with me and by the power of smelling essential oils release this from your life for good?

How would that feel?

Would that be awesome?

I have developed a whole new way of coaching along with essential oils.  I’d love you to dive in if any of what I’ve said here applies to you.

If you want to schedule a coaching session with essential oils click here to get scheduled!

If that is what’s happening in your life click here and let’s start changing that!


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