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Is 2018 turning out to be the same old, same old?



I recently had an “ah ah” moment.

I have had many experiences or happenings or circumstances in my life.

But, most of my last twenty years has been about adoption.

It has been about abused kids.

It has been about rescuing them, finding them the right places to grow up healthy.

I got so caught up in my passion for children, I forgot why I adopted in the first place.

I’ll share that later, but, are you caught up in a situation that has morphed into something else?

That definitely is what happened to me.

Now, I still am a passionate advocate for children, but, that evolved.

From where?

A very disappointing life change.

Thinking I was washed up.

Too old.

A plot twist, an unexpected circumstance in my life.

I was not washed up, nor too old, just changing feet.

So what is changing feet.

It’s stopping going round and round the mountain and take a different road.

Life throws us curves, plot twists.

You think you have a plan and then it goes south.

Dissolves before your very eyes.

That’s when you know you need to change direction.  Change feet.

If you are going round and round the same old, same old and that has got OLD.

Then you are in a season of changing feet.

Changing direction.

In Ecclesiastes  it says “nothing changes under the sun.”

It doesn’t.  We change.

We change our core.

We change our belief systems, or what we believe to be true.

What was ingrained in us from our beginnings of time.

What we are taught.

You grew up, right?

Then you have to develop your own belief system.

Don’t know how?

Want some more information?

Well, go here!


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