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A Do Over on Believing


I know I told you about believing before, right?

But I’ve got a brand new hot of the press believing for YOU!


Well me and amazing hubby have been rocking along for ages.

Not all smooth sailing!

But although we had new ideas, hubby was tied into a company.

Dang again!!

We had thoughts of moving out into our own joint owned company again.  His ideas on business and product.  Done it a few times before, together.  Once when I was seven months pregnant!!!

But, when you have a cushy job, rather nice income, work from home, you can get complacent.  Or, just living in the vibe of it.

But when GOD has an idea HE wants you to put out into the world, then complacent is not good enough.  He pushes, He prods, He makes you get on His path.  And yes He did!

My husbands cushy job became redundant in a second without warning.  Not fired, just no research department anymore.


Well, I did have a couple of friends, who saw me just after the announcement because I was working with them, say, oh he will have “man issues” with this.  Nah!  And I was right.

Two hours later, after my gig, we had both decided to go into business, again, for the fourth or fifth time, not sure, but, we did.

Well can I say, many were dubious (have I heard that before?)

But not us.  Even some of our older kids have been worried.

Not us.

You see, when you never doubt you can, you do.

When you never think it can’t be done, you don’t.

You just DO!

And we are…… DOING IT!

When this happened, I was certifying as a Creating Money coach.


Did I believe what I was certifying in?

What I was about to coach others to do?

Well maybe that was the test.

Because, at this moment, we rallied to the TEST.

We are doing it because not only we believe, but we have others who do.

Do YOU believe YOU can do it?

I can teach you how.  I done this, I don’t know how many times, but I have, we have.

We always believed we could, and we do, and we did, and we will again.

Will YOU?

Do you want to know how to Create Money?

I can teach you.

If you want to know more go here!

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