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Are You Parking Beside Your Problems and Spinning Your Wheels?



Have you ever been bogged?
Like in a car?
Have you ever been bogged down in life?
Do you have a tendency to park alongside your problem and can’t get started again?
Do you feel like you keep turning the starter over and it won’t fire up your engine?
When we have snow or ice around my house there are lots of cars bogged in the ditch.
In fact, the last time we had a big snow storm, I almost got caught in it, bogged in the snow on the road, unable to get traction.
I can’t explain the relief when the tires finally stopped spinning and we made it home safely.
It’s the same feeling when you finally stop parking beside problems that arise in life.
When you can stop the thoughts whirling around in your head, you can move on, start over, and get going again in your life.
Thoughts can bog us down, in fact, they can completely stop us.
Immobilize us.

But, you can choose to move on.  Take the mind out of being parked, switch on your wise mind, and leave the problem behind.
There’s a new road to travel.

Do you want to change gears and get life moving down the path of your choice?
Get going again!
If you would like to chat about it go here!
Have a great day!

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