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Are You Pivoting or Are You Standing Still?

What day is it?

In times of crisis, our minds can get, well frankly, out of whack!

At this moment, most of us are home with kids, spouses, pets and whoever else was in the house when we needed to “shelter in place.”

Our routines are upset. Working mothers have become homeschooling teachers in the blink of an eye. That’s not stressful, right?

Even those of us who don’t experience anxiety, overwhelm and worry have found our minds are constantly dwelling on the “bad news” that permeates our television, our social media, and the airwaves in every form.

It can feel like we have stood still.

Some of us, no lot’s of us haven’t got properly dressed for weeks, nor bothered with hair and make-up, let alone be able to concentrate on our job, or form of income.

But, I’m here to tell you the good news.

Our minds are trying to protect us, but really are reacting to fear that’s come into our thoughts.

It’s our brain’s job to alert us to fear, but our mind can decide when enough is enough and we need to pivot out of fear into possibility.

We need to find the possibilities in the midst of things we cannot change.

Have you found yourself spinning in a very small circle that feels like Groundhog day?

If you relate to some or all of this, I’d love to be of service to you.

I’d love to have a virtual coffee chat with you, after all, we are all virtual these days!!

So, just go HERE and let’s connect and chat.

I’m in your corner lovely lady, so let me help you pivot and see what possibilities are just waiting for you to get excited about.

Hey, and I almost forgot! I’m holding a virtual mini-retreat next Friday, 17th April, at 6.00 P.M. on Zoom! This is a very minimal cost, like your Starbucks latte take out, because I miss all my lovely ladies’ faces, the fun, and the breakthroughs. You can REGISTER HERE! All you need to do is download Zoom from to your phone or computer and let’s get together!

So, I hope to see you next Friday, or on a virtual coffee with me. Stay safe, let’s find a new direction for you!

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