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Are you roaring



So many times we wear masks.

Masks to hide how we are feeling or what’s going on in our life.

We think we need to hide so we can be accepted because sad is bad.

I’m here to ask you why?  Why wear a mask?  Why hide who you are especially from yourself.

Often our masks lead us to closet eat, or drink to hide our pain or situation, or put a fake smile on our face and pretend.  Yet what generally happens is all that stuff gets stuffed down even further into our souls, hearts and minds.

I’ve worn a mask many times in my life because I was afraid that I would not be liked, or accepted for who I am.  Rather silly when I think about it now, but it wasn’t at the time.

Let’s see how many masks have I donned and covered up the RAW me.  One for my mother, many for family and friends, often when I was put into a crowd of people I didn’t know, and a zillion others I can’t remember until I got tired of it.

Yup, I got tired of trying to be someone else!

I set out to find me, love me and share the RAW me!

It took me a while and to be truthful?  I work on that every day.  You see if I don’t then I can slip back into believing a whole lot of negative chatter that can make me try to hide again.

We all have things in our backgrounds, even if we grew up happy.  Most of us still hold beliefs from our childhood that lead us to try to live up to a lot of things we should just forget about.

How many of you reading this were made to “clean” your plate and then grew up cleaning up bigger and bigger portions?   And now you don’t want to look in the mirror in your “RAW” state because you don’t like what you see.

I could name all sorts of thoughts we are left with that keep us from being RAW and stop us from ROARING!

Do you want to dig beneath the layers and find you?  You are unique, and wonderfully made into diamond that is waiting to shine.

Feel free, SHINE!


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