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Are you thinking you​ might be STUCK?

What does being stuck actually mean?

How do I define “being stuck?”

How do I know I’m stuck?

Stuck is simply not going forward, and not looking forward.

You see, you can’t stay thinking the same thoughts in the same patterns, and moving forward at the same time.

You can only be in one place in your mind at one time.

What you are currently saturating your mind with is what you are attracting to you, and what will be dominating your thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual parts of who you are at right now.

So many times I hear the words, “I want to achieve this in my life, but I can’t seem to make any progress.”

If that resonates with you, take stock and ask yourself where your thoughts dwell most of the time.

Is it in your current problems and issues? Or, are you thinking forward and feeling that you are on the way to your future that is full of abundance.

In teaching and coaching Seven Essential Laws + Seven Essential Oils, it has become profoundly clear that it is all too easy to stay in old beliefs and patterns that do not serve you anymore.

It’s also easy to stay in emotional patterns that not only don’t serve you anymore but have become a hindrance and a block to living in joy and happiness.

So, recognizing these patterns is the first step to moving on down YOUR road again, and focusing on where you’re going, not where you’ve been or where you’re stuck right now.

If this sounds like you and you’d like a jump start on getting going, please click HERE and we can have a coffee chat on me. Let’s get all those parts moving again in the right direction!

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