Are you thinking you’ve missed your dream for this year so you may as well just wait for next year?  You worked so hard,  but there are only two months left in the year and what can you do with that? You’re a bit ticked off that you didn’t achieve all you wanted because you could ‘ve used the extra money, or less weight, for the Holidays.

You’re feeling pretty shocked at where time’s gone and it’s already almost November?  You realize that it’s a whole of candy on Halloween and now in a few weeks it’s Turkey day and you’re worried about the usual weight gain and the expense of the spread.

You feel frustrated because you’ve been working on your diet and better choices but the scale hasn’t budged in a while and you’re already thinking about the Holiday food and the extra pounds.  That really ticks you off because you don’t want to slide back, you want to at least maintain.

You wish you’re a tad more organized, and on task to hit that goal you set for yourself, but somehow time slipped by along with your goal.  You were feeling excited to earn some extra money for the Holidays but can’t seem to see how that will happen now.

You want to stay on target and not gain any weight over the festive season but have already eaten too much candy.  You daydream how that you will be the same weight or lower by the time the New Year comes around, but can’t quite visualize that or remember to tell yourself this daily.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • You wonder why you stalled out on the weight loss,

  • You really wanted to get that goal kicked this year not next

  • You’re afraid you won’t meet any of your goals this year at all.

  • You feel like you could’ve used some extra money from your job for the Holidays, but didn’t get around to marketing or emailing those special customers.

Hold that thought!  High heels are made for walking!  Get your “STRUT” back and keep striding out.  As a result of this “Breakthrough What’s Blocking You” group coaching program, you will,

  • Get back in the stride of things and strut your stuff to the best of your ability.

  • Have a group of dynamic, smart women for four weeks to help you achieve that last little bit for this year?

  • Finally not only maintain your weight through the end of the year but maybe lose a couple of pounds?

  • Have your goals met and maybe excel so you have that extra money coming in.

  • Finish with a plan to hit the ground running in the new year.

Here’s what I’m offering you!

Week 1. You will identify what’s stopping or blocking you right now and how to change that quickly.  We will also have a worksheet for this and a meditation

Week 2.   You will be accountable for the steps you are taking right now to succeed and excel. There will be a worksheet and meditation.

Week 3.   You will acknowledge where things may be stuck and how to change that going forward.  There will be a worksheet and meditation.

Week 4.   You will assess the steps you took and will keep taking to finish up and achieve your goal.  There will be a worksheet and meditation.

Dates are November, 13th, 20th, 27th and December 4th. The cost is $129 with an early bird discount of $30 to bring your payment to $99!

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