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Broken relationship? Did it start with an ex and go on to food, alcohol etc?

I am a Life Coach for divorced moms who are ready for a new beginning.  They are in a rut, juggling kids, finances, and exes. I help them to get back in charge of their life, to prioritize, and to regain confidence in themselves.



I got divorced some 39 or 38 years ago.

It was the, and I mean THE most life-changing event in my life.

But, did you know there are more relationships in life that you have that can have life-changing effects?

I mean other than a human relationship?

You have a relationship with food.

What’s yours about that?

You have a relationship with alcohol.

What’s that one?

Do you smoke cigarettes or other or vape?

Do you use any of these non-human relationships to hide?

Like, to cover up your feelings?

You see, after all these years, and adopting a lot of children, I know we have different relationships.

Human, and habits.

When our human relationship breaks down we often turn to a habit to help us out of the pit of pain.

I used cigarettes.

I was a freakin’ out there pro singer and still ended up with a habit trying to cover the pain.

What do you do to cover your pain?

It might be something that I haven’t mentioned, something you feel ashamed of.

But, guess what?

There’s an answer and help.

I’ve dealt with cutting, vaping, drug use, denial, rejection, and just about every pain that really comes from a thought that you have been rejected.

No, I did not do these things other than feel rejected beyond belief, but I have had to deal with all of these through my years of adopting and fostering kids.

Stop the pain.

The pain is real, but able to to be put in the past if you have the desire and the belief. to do so and take action.

There is another answer other than food, alcohol, smoking anything, or using any other substance to cover your pain.

Contact me.

Let’s talk.

Click here!

BTW, I am married to the most amazing man that I would not have met if I had stayed in a relationship that did not serve me.  39 years counting and twelve kids later.



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