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Crap! I did this to myself!


Have you ever lost your momentum?

Got caught up in day to day crap?

Enjoying summer a little way too much?

I have a confession to make.  I did, I have, and I’m changing that.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is great, but it sucks us in.

And I don’t mean our “girths” or waists ladies!

Contrary to all the adds out there, we eat and drink more.

The kids are home, so all of our goals and intentions are buried.

Exercise can become secondary, because, the kids are home.

Well, at least I didn’t fall into the lack of exercise pit.  I actually upped that one!  I have been hiking the mountain near my home every morning, but, sometimes the morning means 9 or 10a.m. because I have been able to sleep in a little.  The hike takes an hour and dang!  I come home all sweaty, have “talked” about great plans, but, by the time I get a shower, lunch for everyone, my goals for the day are out the window!!

Oh yeah.  It happens.  Too often.  And kids want to go everywhere!

The mall, the pool (at least I have one in my backyard) and crap!

Your day is gone.  Your diet is done.  The resume isn’t written. Crap!

Your work, your diet, your goals, your plans, are behind.

I have a new book I have written called “Find Your Purpose/Find Your Passion.”

Because I am tweaking, it kicked me in the gut, like wake up time?

Now, I haven’t been a real, total slag, but, the kids have slowed me down.

Do I want to excuse myself?  No, because, there are no real excuses.

There is just crap that gets in the way if you let it.

I could excuse myself.  I have eight kids at home.

Two of them were in a car wreck, totaled it, so guess who is driving?

I have lots of reasons, and excuses I can tell my head, but not my heart.

I know some of you out there are feeling the same way.

Like crap!

When we are supposed to be enjoying the “summer.”

I woke up, do you want to?

Did that diet give in to margaritas and hamburgers?

Did those goals you had get sucked up by kids activities?

Did you just think “oh well, summer, once a year?”

Having read my book again, I have realized that nothing is more important that looking after yourself.  You see, if you don’t, then everyone misses out, including you.

We waste so much time in hoping that tomorrow will be different.  No it won’t, because tomorrow never comes.  Today is the day for change.

The only way to do this is have a real desire to change.  Be so sick of where you are that you want to.  Need to.  Desire to.

Is that YOU?????   If so.  join my email list and I will send you FREE a copy of my new book.

I am going to teach on this again very soon, but am giving this to YOU right now.

Send me a message on my email, or sign up and it will be there in your inbox faster than you think!!

Last, but not least.  Do NOT, repeat do NOT beat yourself up.  That just attracts more crap.  Realize you are moving on to pick up and go forward.  Fulfill all those dreams, and walk into abundance, the body you want, and the job you desire.

Can’t wait for you to read my book!!!!!



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