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Did you lose your MIND?

We are living in very different times to those prior to March 2020…

Troubling, upsetting, and different…………..

There are so many different crises it can make your head spin, and question what you’re doing in your life, as well as to interrupt it.

It messes with your head, heart, and especially your MIND…….

Social media, the news, and every source of information seems like it’s all bleak, scary and unending in predicting gloom.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way………………’s all about what YOU decide to think about it.

You see, I made a decision. I am personally responsible for how I react to anything, including all the unprecedented things that are happening right now!

I get to choose HOW I WANT to react, think, and choose what I watch, what I listen to, and what I read.

That not only makes my heart happy, but it also makes my mind start thinking about what I want to focus on, not what is being fed to me by various media to focus on, which is not what I want!

When I am focused on all the trouble that is surrounding me, I cannot focus on the things I want. The goals and dreams for the future, which by the way, are still there waiting for me to move towards.


Trying to do so, creates confusion and your brain will revert to what it knows best which is the belief systems you already have in place.

Does it have to be like that? Nooooooooooooo! You can train your brain to serve you in the way that you want now, and get rid of old habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are not working for you.

I have changed my thinking in many areas of my life, and work on doing it more every day. WHY? Because it brings me more joy, peace, and happiness when I am not constantly focusing on what can or does go wrong.

Are you struggling right now to focus on what you want over what you are hearing, reading, and seeing?

I can help you reset your thinking and find what’s the old belief you have that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Just click HERE and let’s have a virtual coffee chat!

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