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Do you ever question if you are enough? If so why?

Why do we question our worth?

Why do we think we are not up to par?

Why are we working too many hours?

I was coaching a group of ladies tonight who answered that question for themselves.

What’s your answer to that question?

What makes us strive for perfection?

Why do we think perfection is the answer to our worth?

If we are perfect does that mean we are worthy?  Or we are enough?

Perfection sets us up for failure.  We can never be perfect.

It’s our imperfections that teach us, that help us understand we are enough.

What does “I am enough” mean?

It means that through all our imperfections, mistakes, shortcomings, we are enough.

We are not defined by our outward appearance, our achievements, our relationships but by our understanding of our own self.

Our heart, our soul, our beliefs.

Our beliefs are “handed” down.


Deeply into our minds and thought process.

So, if you think you are not enough on any level?

Then that is your belief.

That comes from your belief system.

The one you grew up with.

When do you want to change that?

If you do.

Go here.


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