Do You Like To Go & Get, or Sit & Wait?

I’ve always thought I was a Go & Get girl, but………….

I realize, that sometimes I Sit & Wait, and on top of that………….

I pretend that “waiting” is just pausing, or learning something new.

Now, “pausing” can be a good thing…..

But, when the pause goes on too long, it morphs into something else.

That’s when my mind can play tricks on me, like……..

Tell me, “I don’t have enough money to do that…….thing (whatever it is)………..

Or, the best one that makes me wait…….

“Why do you think you can do that?”

You “can” or you “can’t” depending on your thought. Old saying……..wise words.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about abundance and how to attract it, and at first I tried it and failed. I can honestly say it took me a little while to really understand how The Law of Attraction actually worked.

At first, I believed it was just positive thoughts, but there are a lot of things at play that connect to each other making it easy when I understood it all. And, it’ was not just about my thoughts, it was also about my feelings.

What if I let you in on a secret. There are seven laws in total, and some would say even more than that. What I’ve learned, studied, and believe, is they all work together………….for good.

If you really want to Go & Get change in your life, understanding all seven laws is necessary. Cause, otherwise it really doesn’t make sense. Each Law has its own components to it and adds its own link to a very strong chain which can change your life.

It’s a New Year and you can start this year with the change you desire. To change and really attract what you want in your life means that you need to desire change more than staying exactly where you are now, and that might be in Sit & Wait.

Sit & Wait looks different for everyone. You could be so busy that you can’t change anything in your life because you don’t have one minute of time. Really you’re in Sit & Wait mode. Why? Because busy can sometimes be “I’m not ready for change, or it’s impossible to change my situation.” In every one of these situations, it’s our thoughts that give us those feelings of “here comes more of the same old, same old.” It’s possible to be open to changing your thought which will give you a totally different outcome.

So, what has you in “Sit & Wait” mode and do you want to change so you can “Go & Get?” I’ve got a free 12 minute webinar you can listen to here , that will give you five steps to make a change in your life. Jump on over and listen. Just 12 minutes could help you begin the journey to change and truly attract what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

I’ve got so much goodness to share with you this year, and I’m looking forward to 2020 being a year of gratitude and giving. Don’t forget to jump on over to the 12 minute webinar on 5 steps to change! (Just click here!)

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Thanks for reading, I know there’s a lot in your inbox these days, and I’m grateful for my people like you who take the time. Let’s do 2020 together!

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