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Do you walk on eggshells around your family and friends?

Let me start by saying I love my family and my friends.

But, they don’t always agree with me and I don’t always agree with them.

And, some of those friends and family make you feel like you can’t say what you want? Right?

You feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

You feel like you’re being attacked and not worthy.

You feel like you need to apologize.

For what?

Being you?

Let’s start with “they make you feel.”

Nope. They don’t.

They do something that either upsets you or makes you angry and you respond.

Your response is your choice.

Let me give you some examples.

This week, oh boy, a week of challenges of who I am and who I choose to be.

When you’re my age, a very young sixty-eight, you get to choose everything, including emotions.

When you get criticized, or have people you love try to make you over into their ways, you don’t have to.

Repeat! You are old enough to choose your reaction.

When it happens unexpected in real time, like not on FB etc., it’s harder to choose your reaction when it comes unexpected.

But, wear and own up to your knee jerk reaction, and consider your options to make it better going forward.

I had a lot of “advice” thrown at me this week. But, most of that was their thinking and how they would do it, not mine.

Do I throw that away without considering it from all sides?

Nope. Never. Always a beginner and always learning on my journey.

But, I can express myself in my own way, and I learn everyday to do that better.

Let me encourage you to not press “how you think and would do something” on your friends and family. Let them be who they are and love them where they are.

We all have different personalities and come from different hurts and childhoods.

We all see things through our own glass window. That may not be your friends view or your family’s view.

Start to love the uniqueness of your family and your friends.

Start to find the compliment not the criticism.

Start to focus on your life and where you want to go and be.

Start to count every blessing and be grateful for every moment.

Start to create the life YOU want intentionally and don’t depend on someone else.

Write your own success story, starting today.

If you want to have a freebie talk about this subject, hey, just click HERE!

Love to have a virtual chat!

Until then, be blessed and live YOUR life!

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