Getting To Know Yourself Questions

Hi, I’m Kate.  I am a Transformational Life Coach who helps women move past messy situations, and make better choices. They are struggling with weight, finances, and letting their past interfere with their future. I help them to change their thinking to let go of the worry and the memories to regain confidence and take back control of moving forward with their goals for life.

Making a life-changing move is hard.  But, in life, when we realize that we’re stuck in a rut, and unhappy staying in that place, we want to make a move to find a different path.  You’re sick of going around the same issues, like weight, worry, finances and relationships and you desperately want to move on with your life.
You may have left a relationship behind years ago, but ended up gaining weight you didn’t want, and now worry about how to release it.  You’ve got a wardrobe that doesn’t fit properly but don’t want to buy new clothes, you want to fit into the ones you already have and like.
You’ve tried “diets” and nothing seems to work for long and you’re now yo-yo-ing up and down with your weight.  It’s all you think about and you want to be free of the constant battle of the bulge.
You struggle to like your body and don’t like looking in the mirror or how your clothes fit.  You want a solution.  A lifetime plan where you can be free of the constant worry and thoughts about releasing weight and finding your ideal body. 
Your job/life might be stressful which leads you to rush through meals and make poor choices.  You have let yourself believe you’ve no way of changing this because of time constrictions.  You end up not eating enough calories throughout the day, then consume too many when you realize you are starving. You also want to change or rev up the job and it’s not happening the way you want it to.
You love to relax and eat out but make the wrong decisions about food because you are too hungry.  And, you end up maybe having more wine than you planned or counted in your food diary for the day.  You start again the next day but life once again get’s in your way and you are still not getting to achieve what you want to.
Trying to balance life, food, finances, family, and fun looks like an impossible task to achieve, but let me help you understand it is possible and it is within your reach.
Asking yourself these questions will help you understand yourself and your thinking much better:
  • What do you want to change with regards to your situation?  eg.  weight, eating habits, exercise or a job? 
  • When you make this life-changing move what do you want it to look like?
  • Where do you want to be in one year, five years or ten years with your body, mind, feelings, and actions?
  •  How high is your desire to do this?  Like 1 being “HELL NO” and 10 being “HELL YEAH” all in.
  •  How high is your belief you can do this?
  • How willing are you to change your thoughts?  Or, the habits you’ve created and are used to being in.
  • If you think you can’t, then why is that?
  • Do you hold emotions in your mind regarding the failure of relationships with a partner, food or exercise?
  • Do you know why?  Can you answer why you still feel troubling emotions as to why these relationships failed?
  • Are you willing to find the answer to all of these questions and try to move on from your pain to joy?
When you answer some of these questions you’ll have a much better idea as to what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams.  These are the answers I can help you with so you can find joy and happiness and begin on your new path forward.
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Kate Penwarn Thompson Life Coach