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Have you done a reset……like I’ll start in February?


What happened??? Where did January go?????

I blinked and suddenly it’s the end of January……………did that happen to you too?

Ok, well don’t panic, there’s time to still get on track and on target.

It happens to everyone at some time for many different reasons. For me? Crikey, lovelies, I had scheduled some videos and really exciting stuff I couldn’t wait to get to and then? Skin cancer. Right beside my eye. Skin graft………not pretty for the camera.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for me to get a kick in the gut, my good old autoimmune disease took a dive.

But, life happens my lovely. And, when it does you might get knocked down, but you don’t have to stay down, you change directions or plans and keep on truckin’!

You stay focused on what you want, not what has happened and make small positional moves to keep the flow going in the right direction.

You see, you cannot focus on two things at once. When you keep your focus on what is derailing you, you cannot focus on making those moves to get you back to fulfilling your goals, dreams and your passion.

Balance Is KEY!

Take the time to feel your disappointment, but then move on my lady, to the place where you need your mind and feelings to be.

Making small positive positional moves to go and get it! Don’t stay down……….make the next move!

Life is not a box of chocolates, it’s like a game of chess, one move at a time to be stronger than you were yesterday.

If you want to have a strong focus on what you want this year, I’ve got a retreat coming up that’ s perfect for you. Go here to get all the deets!

If you’d like to have an “on the house coffee chat” with me go here!

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