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Have You Ever Had An Epiphany???

Yesterday I had an epiphany.

A revelation.

A HUGE revelation.

You see, I am really an artist.  A singer/songwriter.

I am a coach in disguise, well sort of.

Because I am an  “artiste” I have more than one bow.

More than one arrow to shoot.

More than one song to sing.

I live in the moment, but I write my goals for the future.

I wear many hats.  Sometimes they are really cute!

I’m a wife, a mother (like 12), a writer, a songwriter, an author, a life coach, a friend, and a woman just like many of you, who is trying to hear that “voice” that says “this is for you.”

My passions are diverse, different, and consistent.  They do have an order of which one comes first.

My first?

Singer, songwriter, passion to spread a message through my songs.

Next.  Children, Lost Children, adoption, fostering, helping people, maybe you?

You see I have had to re-invent myself often.

I changed countries at forty.

I had to re-invent myself right there, at that moment.

I had a great career in entertainment.  I was well known, the best in my town.  The go-to girl for recording and performing.

It was suddenly all gone.  I was a very small fish in a very big pond, overnight.

I was forty.

The entertainment business is fickle, and YOUNG!!!

I was forty.

I had to re-invent myself.

I tried.  I wrote.  I recorded.  I toured.  I even got asked to sing at the Bluebird cafe.  ( I did eventually sing there.)

I had to re-invent myself.  Find a new view of ME!

But, I put my first passion on the back burner, until, yesterday.

I had an epiphany.

You are never too old to do anything you want.

It’s all about your DESIRE.

If desire to do something is in your heart is there because God put it there.  Real desire never dies.  It comes back, again, and again.

My desire to make a living as a writer, a singer/songwriter is still there and going strong. And after this amazing journey as a Life Coach, I know how to make money as a singer/songwriter, no matter how old I am.

I’ve had to create money for business, both Life Coaching and my amazing hubby and my business.

So why not create the same money for my songwriting?

Food for thought.

Are you a singer songwriter?

Are you lost in this new world of change with ITunes etc?

More to come.

Want to have complimentary chat with me?

Well go here.

If you are not a songwriter, but a business person and wanting to create money  I can help you as well.  Go here!

I leave you with this.  Never, NEVER, EVER, give up on your dream

You are NEVER too old or too YOUNG!


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