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Have you ever had the “Ah Ha” Moment?


Do you ever dream the same dream?

I do.  It is one about a house, the same house each time.

In past dreams about this house, I found these new rooms.

The rooms were neglected, almost scary in a “haunted” sort of way.

I have often had dreams where I found new rooms, and wondered why?

To diverse just for a second, I do believe that “new rooms” are a spiritual term for finding a purpose that you have not found yet.

Well, back to the dream.  Last night those same rooms that I have dreamed before, run down, neglected and somewhat scary, were flooded with knee deep water.

I was puzzled.  I had no idea in my dream what this meant.

But, this morning on my mountain hike with amazing hubby, it hit me.

I was telling him about the dream and how I was puzzled at it’s meaning, when I understood.

I have a literal “flood” of information.  I have a “flood” of excitement, I have a flood of “ideas” so many in fact I am knee deep because I need to send some of that energy out!

I need to not only fulfill my dreams, passions and purpose, but I need to help others do that as well.

I realized I had been neglecting myself in my former dreams, but now I am drenched in the good stuff, knowledge, but I have not been flowing, I have been struggling upstream, overthinking.

The water needs to flow through, not stand still, going nowhere.

Do you relate?

Meditate on this for a moment and see if you are in the neglected state, or are you standing still, not “in the flow?”

You see when we are unsure, or overthinking, we are going against the flow, instead of being carried easily.

Today, I jumped into the flow.



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