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I’m a Life Coach and Aroma Freedom Practitioner who helps women find purpose and passion to embrace things they want and release things they don’t. I help them shift their focus, regain confidence through coaching and aromatherapy, to deliberately create the lifestyle they desire. You don’t have to wait……………you can have it all.


It can be frustrating being in a rut that causes you to have emotional issues making it hard to move on.  You just really want to be happy and feel joy again. But, it’s such a drag to keep getting pulled down by your situation when you don’t want that at all. You need some help, right?

Hey Lovely, I’ve got thirty years of experience dealing with broken relationships, moving country, and maintaining a healthy mind and body, to help you get on the right path so you can fast forward to the life you want.

Together, we’re gonna jump in and find exactly what’s stopping you from enjoying your life, and get you back to having confidence in your genius talents again!


I work with women who are ready to make a move to the future from past stuff they really don’t want anymore. Your struggle may be with cutting loose from the emotions surrounding a break-up or you want to get back in control of your weight and eating habits, but you’re sure you don’t want to stay in this place. You want to feel happy, confident, and get your mojo back. You want to rock your world again!

What would it feel like to get past these feelings and make a move that would be life-changing?


During our coaching sessions, you’ll feel more in control of the feelings that have been dragging you down.  You’ll get that excited feeling back when you leave the past behind and finally move on to the life you really want. You’ll find those genius talents again, regain confidence in yourself, and be ready to get going and doing again.


PACKAGE 1: 7 + 7 Essentials!

Have you found yourself “stopped” on your journey?

Have you somewhat given up trying to achieve that purpose?

Are you sitting on your chair, just swinging around in a circle?

Are you looking at that swimsuit with dread?

Is that resume for the new job still sitting on your desk?

Have you given up on finding your perfect partner?

What is it that’s stopped you in your tracks?

What happened to your “mojo”

If you relate to any of those questions, then I have something really groundbreaking for you!

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a Law of Attraction Life Coach who really understands how to make this work, especially with the help of great processes, and Essential oils. I’ll help you break some of the old stuff that stops you from getting to have the best life and all of the goodness you deserve.


Are you having trouble just leaving that old stuff from your past behind and it’s really getting in the way of your future? Hey, do you really desire to move on and just get going and doing? I know you want to find happiness, joy, and success again, but do you keep getting dragged back in time? Could you use some help?

Well, I know where you are, cause I’ve been there too over the last thirty years.  Moving to another country was a biggie, getting divorced wasn’t too shabby, or exciting either, so I know what it’s like to change feet. Losing a dream business and starting again with a new career? Yeah, I get what you’re going through.

But, together I can help you find exactly what’s stopping you from having the life of your dreams, get you going and moving again, so you can gain confidence in yourself and, start setting goals to make it happen!


I work with lovely women who want to move past memories and stuff from the past that’s interfering with their current life. It might be you’re dealing with past memories and situations that are interfering with your goals. You might be struggling with emotions surrounding a past memory, or want to get back in control of your weight, or make a new move in your job. But, you’ don’t want to stay in this place, you want to feel happy and confident again. How would it feel to get rid of the thoughts from the past that continue to hold you back and begin moving forward to attract all that has been waiting for you!

Are you feeling a bit ticked off and don’t know how to get past these feelings that are stopping you from making your next move forward? Do you have goals and dreams that have faded because of the past situations that keep moving you backward? I bet you just want to deal with it and get on with the life you intended for yourself.


During our coaching sessions, you’ll experience the power of not only the 7 Essential Laws but, the power of using Essential Oils to release these memories and feelings for good. You’ll be excited about releasing memories and blocks that are preventing you from achieving your desires, setting attainable goals with daily affirmations, and finally moving on to the life you really want. You’ll regain confidence in yourself, feel motivated, as well as having the confidence to move into the life you’ve dreamed of.


You’re really over being in this place, and you want to leave the relationship memories and feelings behind you. You’re over being drawn into the same old patterns in your lifestyle..  You’re also over beating yourself up trying to find a way to deal with the feelings around these same issues and just want to get moving and achieving again.

You’re sick of trying to release the feelings around memories and situations that keep bothering you. You just can’t get past the negative thoughts which make you feel overwhelmed and make you struggle to achieve your desires. You’re over feeling frustrated because you seem to spend all your time trying to get past the “stuff” which leaves no time for yourself. Your desire is to set goals you can achieve, be free of the memories, and the crap that causes them.

There is another answer!

I know you want to find a better way to handle the struggle of trying to cope with all of this and leave the stress behind you. What would it feel like to be back in control so you can have time and freedom to be yourself, but also be in control of your thoughts and emotions?

Wow! How would it feel if you could manage the emotions around the stuff and nonsense of everyday events? Would that mean you get to find time for yourself to wind down, feel more refreshed, and moving in your genius talent zone?

Can you imagine feeling good about your life and your dreams and goals again?

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

You’re afraid you can’t really move on from the past and the bad habits.

You’re sick of making goals you feel you can achieve then don’t, and trying to start on a new journey without the memories.

You wonder how to have more positive energy and better relationships in your life.

You want to regain the confidence to be who you are and exactly what you want at this point in your life.

You feel really ticked off about not living up to your own expectations?


As a result of this coaching package you will.…..

Learn how to really find joy in your life as well as taking the time to set goals you can achieve and, care for yourself.

Be able to communicate and have amicable relationships in an easier and less stressful way.

Get to know who you are now, at this new stage of your life. You’ ll build confidence and learn how you can be happy and achieve the desires of your heart.

Release the memories and roadblocks that cause your stress and guilt, and feel excited about having less conflict in your life.


You see, I have had to change feet many times in my life, and I know how hard it is to make transitions and start again.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not see exactly what I desired, but found the purpose and passion to change my habits.

I know what it’s like to see that middle-aged number come up and feel like you haven’t achieved all you wanted to.

 I know what it’s like to be divorced, alone and raise children as a single parent, and I know how it feels to be a foster/adoptive parent as well. We fostered 50 plus kids and adopted eight. Yup, eight.

I know what it’s like to be broke with eight kids to feed, and I know how to not sink to gloom and doom, but climb up out of the pit and attract money.

I know how to help you out of whatever situation you have found yourself in that is keeping you from your desire.

One Question

Do you DESIRE to move on, leave the past and the memories behind?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

My coaching package is listed below. In this program we will be using Young Living Essential Oils. If you do not have these I will supply some samples for you. If you would like to set up a special one-on-one call using these oils please click here!

This package: A Seven-Week  Coaching Package 

Cost of this Seven-Week Package: $497.97

Over the course of these six weeks, you’ll discover how your thoughts have led to beliefs that held you in place, keeping you stuck!

You’ll see where your thinking has led you astray.  You’ll know why beating yourself up is not the answer!

You’ll understand why there’s so much chatter going on in your brain, and how to stop it and focus.

You’ll learn amazing tools that you’ll have for the rest of your life so you never have to be here again.

Are you ready to jump off the chair and get going on your amazing journey?


Week 1. 

 We’re going to explore your desire factor and your mindset. We’re also going to dive into 1st Essential  Law, The Law Of Attraction.

Week 2.

We’re going to hone in and find what is your biggest stumbling block and explore the 2nd Law, The Law of Deliberate Creation.

Week 3.

It’s time to look past relationships in the face, and why it’s so hard to let them go. This is where the 3rd Law comes in, The Law Of Allowing.

Week 4.

We are going to learn about overcoming obstacles, especially the ones that could derail you. The 4th Law, The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance will help you understand how to make your life a “living dream.”

Week 5.

We are going to understand how to keep focused on where you are going, not where you have been. We’re going to explore the 5th Law, The Law of Pure Potentiality.

Week 6.

We are going to take the steps to begin your new future, the one where you achieve, attract and move on. The 6th Law, The Law of Detachment will help you understand how to have the freedom to participate without attachment to your ideas and goals.

Week 7.

This final week will help you understand how your choice or reactions are what defines how you feel and act. This is the 7th Law, The Law of Polarity that represents two extremes of one thing, or situation.

And the extra bonus!

You will receive a free downloadable copy of my book Find Your Purpose, Find Your Passion/ The Next Thirty Years.

Are you ready to move on to your new beginning? Great!  Then let’s leave that past behind and make goals for your future.  Here’s how to get started!

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P.S. When you sign up for this unique and original course, the only one of it’s kind, you will be offered extras if you so desire! These extras will let you have access to a different level of understanding and connection. The Law of Attraction is only the first of all of the seven laws. You need all seven to really put the pieces together.