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How Authentic are YOU?


I have been challenged over the last few weeks about authenticity.

How authentic am I?

Dang, well that made me think.

After thinking a great deal, and waking up in the night dealing with this, I understand that once upon a time I was a little fake, but hopefully now, at this present moment, I’m not.

Ok then, how did I get authentic?  Lets look at what that means.

Authentic.  Real, not fake, no walls, an understanding of my weaknesses.  Loving unconditionally, like not blaming something or someone for my crap.  Loving me, in my body, like right now.  Like loving that person who has just done me wrong?

Loving someone unconditionally, meaning, you are allowing them to be them, means you do that.  No whining, no complaining, just love for them.

Well, you want to do that but how?  Why don’t you start with yourself?  You know, the person you beat up in the mirror every day, or the kitchen or late at night when you’ve had too many wines, to obliterate what went wrong today.

I do have another answer.  I can say that I have stood in your shoes, and on occasion still do, but I do understand why you beating up on the beautiful you.

You want to change that?  Are you ready?
If you are ready, sick of living under the layers of stuff you have fed yourself, ready to shed, ready to find your authentic self, then, this is for you.  You are ready.  You are sick and tired of being overweight, underpaid, which caused you to be overweight, struggling in a bad relationship, which caused you to not eat right and be underweight or overweight, lost your adult self because of children and never lost the baby weight and now are almost afraid to go out in public?  Or, like all of those which I have been through, find your hormones have gone crazy, your metabolism went south, your underactive thyroid, or something that has interfered with the body you used to know.

You see, I have been through it all.  Divorce, rejection from the mother figure, body shaming, forgetting yourself and exercise because of kids ( I have twelve) and wondering if you should give up because, well everyone a little older gains weight.  Balderdash!

I may have believed some of it for a moment, but I have always known my body is my temple.  It needs fuel to think mindfully, and be in the present, understanding what choices I am making in this moment, for all the moments ahead.

We have just been through the Christmas season where it can be amazing and it can be hell on earth.  My mother did her usual trick of hanging up on me and I could have let that affect me but why would I?

As a double certified Life Coach I know that being in the present moment and understanding she is the one in pain, I can find unconditional love and move on, no tears, no soul searching, just acceptance that is who she is.

Being in the present also tells me I can have my side of the relationship to be whatever I want it to be, and that my friend, feels really good.


Do you want to know more?  Do you want to climb out of the rut and get moving again?  Do you want 2017 to be the best dang year you can have in the body you love, in the mind that is present and operating in mindfulness at all times?

It isn’t that hard you know.  If this sounds like you, then I am offering a free coaching session.  Not fifteen minutes, but a real session of at least an hour, because I can show you just how you achieve everything you want for 2017.

Just click on this link and say yes to the best year ahead!




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