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How to know you are ENOUGH even when you feel it’s too hard!



Have you ever found yourself saying “it’s too hard!”

Or, “I just can’t do this!”

Well, I’m guilty!

Often when life gets frustrating, we find ourselves in overwhelm feeling like everything has got too hard!

Only a couple of days ago, a friend of mine kept repeating “it’s gonna be too hard.”

I pointed out that maybe it wasn’t “too hard” but it was a “challenge.”

I also explained that “too hard” seems like we can’t do it, so, when our minds think  “too hard” it puts us into the mode of procrastination, or not willing to even attempt the task at all.

But a “challenge” is different.  Just subtly, but different.  When our mind thinks “challenge” it’s something to prepare for, get ready to do, hone our skills and find a way to complete the “challenge.”

My friend kept telling me,  “yes agreed,”  but also kept saying, “well it’s gonna be hard, maybe too hard!”

Some words seem like they have the same meaning, but in reality, they don’t.

“Too hard” sends a message to the brain that says “I’m not enough, I can’t do this.”

“Challenge” sends a message to the brain that says, “I AM ENOUGH!  I’ve got this!  Get ready, I’m gonna get this!”

So next time you feel frustrated and think it’s “too hard” and feel like you want to give up, turn that light bulb on and change that thought to “this might be challenging, but I AM ENOUGH!”

If you have feelings of it’s “too hard” and can’t get past those feelings go here!  I would love to help you make it a challenge instead!



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