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I Don’t Want to Take Another Step….Too cold…..


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I’m at the beach.

I have a wonderful beach chair, that reclines and has a shady umbrella.

I have a cooler.  Drinks, snacks, sunscreen, my phone, internet.

The water looks really nice.  But it’s 70 degrees, the sand is cold.

Not only that, but there are shells in it.  My winter feet are tender.

I don’t like the feel of it.

The sun is nice, but I forget it burns my winter skin unless I sunscreen.

I put the minimum on.  Like a 15, in a tanning spray.  I use that because it’s easy.

I wonder why at the end of the day I am sunburned, red and tender.

I thought I was OK, I mean it’s not summer right?


I did get off the beach chair and went to the ocean.  It was freaking cold.

But I endured.  Ok???  But I didn’t figure in the sun reflection on the sand and the sea.

Going back to the ocean.  I really wanted to just hang out on the beach chair.  It was pretty nice.

I really don’t like sand.  It’s……gritty, hot, or cold depending on seasons, and is hard to walk on.  Works my shins and calf muscles.

The beach chair, oh, my….delicious.  The cooler within reach with drinks and snacks, and additional sunscreen if I want it.  Under the umbrella?  Or In the sun?  My choice.  No exertion, totally at ease.

But, I am not really comfortable with the ordinary or what’s normal.  I want a challenge.  Yes, I do not like the feel of the sand.  I hate the sand sticking to my wet feet.  I hate the shells that prick, and the shifting sand in the shallows of the water.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.

The temperature of the water is relevant to me.   I hate cold water.  I am an Aussie, where the water is unusually warm.  Cold freaks me out.  I am freaked out when I put my feet in and I am shocked by the cold temperature.

But, I know in my head, the cold is an illusion.  If I stay here, in the shallows, the cold will recede, and I will begin to feel more comfortable, less cold, more tingling that repelled, more daring, than running back out of this cold crap.

This all relates to life.  Life comes at us in waves.  Sometimes overpowering, crashing us down into the sand only to stagger to the beach out of breath, sometimes so cold we can’t stay there.  We run back to the safety of our beach chair and the comforts that are there.

I challenge you today, as I challenge myself.  Get out of your comfort zone whatever that is.  Mine right now is an ocean that is colder than I would like, but I am here, at the beach.  Am I going to make the best of it, get used to the slightly colder temperatures, venture out into the fun of it, or am I going to shrink and stay on my beach chair, where it is comfortable.

Comfortable is fine, but, is never going anywhere.  If that’s your thinking then that’s fine, but, if you want to go a little more in your life then comfortable is not fine,  It’s a sentence.  A sentence to an ultra sub ordinary life..  and…. that is OK.  If you want it.



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