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I found out I didn’t like what I believed……….


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Talking about what I, you, we, believe about our bodies.

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

Like now, compared to when you were a child.

The child, thinks, ah, not thinking about that, body issues, that is when I or you were a child.  It might have changed since then.  Why?

When did what I thought about my body change?


Was it a relationship, or worse a divorce, or a kid at school who said,

 “You are fat, skinny, ugly, a dork, not worthy.”

Did you believe it then, or it stayed in your mind, buried to be brought out by another stupid remark that put you in a mindset or belief about you, your body, how you think, how you dress, and worst of all, how you excuse, validate, beat up, and give up on you.

I’ll tell you a story here, just a short one.  But, when I was a kid, I was a rather skinny one.  I ended up with Glandular Fever, or what is known here as Mono.  It made me sick, it made me skinnier than I already was.  But, I still went on, after missing most of fourth grade, to run track, be on the netball team, softball team and any other type of sport I could do.  Just kept me what some liked to call “skinny”.  So guess what they called me?  “Fatty”.  Well typical, but could have been life changing even thought it was not.  That came later in life.

You see I had a belief system in place about my life and who I was and it at that time was very strong.  Words were not going to displace it.  But later in life, when my child like innocence and trust was gone, it was different.  I was thrown into all sorts of questions, distrust, wondering about who I was and what I really looked like.

Hence, worrying about being ultra thin, for what?  For why?  Fashion?  Someone else’s opinion?  A bad remark?  The divorce from hell, or just because my belief system became invaded by what was popular and that was supported by what, and who, was having a say in my everyday life.

Today it has expanded to airbrushed everything on every magazine, including the so called Health ones.  Every model is portrayed as perfect and we know, if we think about it, that is not TRUE!!  So many of these “perfect” bodies have had children!!!!  D’oh!  Homer Simpson would have an opinion about that as I do.

My fourteen year old body is not my amazing woman body.  My body is amazing!  It has produced four children, has bounced back, has the traces of childbirth, but is wonderful, sexy, still wears a bathing suit, if not perfect, but true to me, my body, myself.

Is this firing you up?  Does some of this resonate with you?  Are you beating yourself up.  Just don’t.  More to come.  Watch out for the video’s about this very thing that is destroying our Womanly minds about our womanly, sexy, after childbirth, amazing bodies, that are God created, and sustained by us.

Diets are not for us, life and living and appreciation of your body is what is.  Keep on reading and watching for information that will enlighten you and reveal to you your belief systems that diets will not cure, and will not lead you to your happy body, and happy life.


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