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I NeverThought This Would Be So Amazing!!

The last retreat was awesome!!



And, informative.

You see, we did this new amazing thing.

I never thought this thing would be SO amazing!

Old memories, hurting thoughts, and blocks were released and let go.

Nothing new, right?

I mean isn’t that what Life Coaching is all about?

Yes, it is!  But this time there was something added to the coaching.

You see, a few weeks before the retreat I ran across an old friend.

She led me into the world of Essential Oils.

A special brand of Essential Oils that have their own farms and own processing plants.


Beautiful fields of lavender that end up as a Therapeutic grade essential oil.

I discovered how powerful the use of oils was with getting rid of “blocks” that stop us from progressing and, also in our goal setting.


I’m now doing some really fascinating work with Essential oils and will shortly become a certified technician in what is call Aroma Freedom Technique.

Using Young Living Essential Oils every day has opened up a whole new side to Life Coaching.

Not only am I able to help you and others break through fear and achieve what you want in your life, but I’m able to practice this on myself every day.

I would love to offer you the opportunity to experience this as well.  If you would like a complimentary goal setting session using Essential oils just go here and we’ll set up a time.  I will even send you a sample of the oils to use during our time together.

I guarantee you’ll love it!

Oh, and watch for the dates of my next retreat!  I promise you it will be awesome!!!

Be blessed!

Oh, and if you would like to have a virtual coffee chat with me go here!


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