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Is having all you what you want hard?

Sometimes, life feels really hard.

Sometimes, you really want something but it seems like a million miles away.

Sometimes, your mind tells you that what you want is too hard.

Sometimes, no maybe all the time, your subconscious believes this.

This may be hard to understand, but what we are thinking, consciously, or unconsciously, is the message we are sending out to everyone and everything around us.

Our thoughts, negative or positive, is the energy that is flowing through us. That energy is what we put out when we walk into a room or is what’s transmitted when thinking about what we want.

When we are constantly in a negative thought pattern it affects our “energy” which is our signal to those around us about how we are feeling.

We give off certain vibes, you know what I mean. You can tell when someone is giving off a sad, or an angry or a happy vibe. That’s our ENERGY!

So, what you keep telling yourself, negative or positive, is what you will believe, and create patterns in your life where that belief will continue to override your efforts to change. Unless…………..

You make a deliberate conscious decision to change your thoughts!

These are the steps to change.

  1. You want to change.

  2. You believe you can change.

  3. You DESIRE to change.

  4. You trust yourself to change.

  5. You take action to change.

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Have a great day!

N.B. Kate is also a certified Aroma Freedom Practioner with Young Living Essential Oils

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