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Is Life Weighing You Down and You Feel Blah!?


Sometimes we can just feel weighed down.

Sometimes we just feel blah!

Sometimes life seems like it’s too hard.

In those moments do you allow yourself to feel all of your emotions?

Or do you try to just push on through?

Sometimes we need to just feel ALL of our emotions.

Even if it means a good old-fashioned cry.

Sometimes you feel better, sometimes you get stuck there.

Life is not all roses and sometimes it seems like it’s all lemons.

But it’s neither.  Life is full of ups and downs.

It’s learning how to go with the flow and how to navigate through your journey.

Our mind is a beautiful thing.

Each day I learn more about the power of our mind and how just changing one thought can change your whole outlook on how your day is going to end up.

Last night our family received some wonderful news making everyone late to bed.  This morning the joy of last night turned into a heck of a lot of grumpy teenagers who hadn’t had enough sleep. 😴 💤 💤   Neither had I.

I could stay grumpy and tell myself I’m too tired, or, I could have another thought about that.

I could go back to the joy of the evening before and understand that was the thought I needed to get up and get going.

Being mindful is essential in our everyday life.  I just recorded a podcast about the “name and blame game.”  It’s our beliefs and patterns that lead us to that game.  We are better off to just have a look at our own mind and what thoughts we could change to find more joy and abundance than pain and anguish.

Take time to think.  Take time to really love those you think are hurting you.  When we truly love there is no room for anything else and you will love yourself just a little more for choosing the right thought.

We want others to have grace towards us when we are having an off day, remember to “think” to do that for those around you that may be feeling “blah” today.

If you have been feeling blah and have got stuck there, you can chat with me here.

I am a Life Coach for divorced moms who are ready for a new beginning.  They are in a rut, juggling kids, finances, and exes. I help them to get back in charge of their life, to prioritize, and to regain confidence in themselves.


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