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Life Goals, do you have one, or many?


Do you have some for your life?

Are they in your mind or on paper?

If they are in your mind, they might always stay just there.

Never doing anything other than thinking about them.

Do you have a goal for today?

Do you have a goal to achieve in six weeks?

Do you have a goal to achieve in three months, six months a year?

When we don’t have a goal in mind, or, in other terms, planning an adventure, or an achievement, or a success then we are a bit like the man going nowhere.  He generally gets there.


I am going to ask you a question here.  Do you struggle everyday to achieve the things you want to get done?

I do too, not everyday, but, when I lose the plot.

When school holidays arrive, or, a kid gets sick  (I only have eight at home) it throws my daily goals off, but not my monthly, ninety-day, three month etc.

It is really easy to get distracted and then lose your place in your goal achieving.

How do you get that back, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged?

I could tell you a lot of stories here about those three feelings I just stated.  I have felt all three of them, but, I have always got back up, and tried again.

If you are often feeling overwhelm or frustration or discouraged, I can help you.

Just click here and get my gift to you.

Keep on sailing and setting goals!






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