My Retreats!

I am holding regular “one-day” retreats and, evening mini-retreats at my farm.  These are always mind-blowing, and my clients have enormous breakthroughs.

Some of the experiences at the retreats are, safe seats, which is one-on-one coaching, Aroma Re-set, where you can reset a thought pattern, Aroma Freedom Technique which breaks through old memories, and the Seven Laws of Attraction combined with Seven Essential Oils which will break through the toughest blocks in your life.

There is also amazing, yummy food, which is fresh, decadent, but healthy!

I would love for you to join me in the adventure and the breakthroughs that happen at the retreat. These are the dates for the next retreat this year.

Friday/Saturday, November 8th, 9th, 6.00p.m.- 9p.m. Friday – Saturday 10.30a.m.- 5.30p.m.

Here are some amazing photos of our retreats!

Fantastic Farm to Table food from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Awesome coaching with “Safe Seats” where you can really dig down deep to find your answers!

Such awesome fun with a whole day of “YOU!”

Here are a couple of testimonies from the retreats!

Jane wrote: 

Good morning, Kate!!

I’m trying to find the words to express how much I enjoyed your Saturday Retreat!!

I know I have gained a new understanding, emotional strength and mindset (believability) of this journey with Paul.

You are an excellent Life Coach and I am so glad to have you in my life as a family and a friend!!!

And wasn’t Regina amazing too??!!

Thank you for my little Goody Bag – the contents are just right for me. And thanks for all my other little prizes.

You’re the best!

Thank you, Kate.

Angela wrote:

Thank you so much for today! I am truly grateful and thankful for you and all that you have done for me. This is was the best retreat I have ever been to!