December 31st, 2018





Well, we have finally reached the end of 2018 and tonight leads us into 2019.  What do have that you want to change about 2018?  Are there things you really wanted to achieve this year and it never happened?  I can relate.

I met many of my goals this year even though I had a health struggle, beginning a new business with my husband which has taken a lot of faith but has brought many blessings.

I stretched my legs as a Life Coach and held my first retreat of many in the future. (watch for news guys!)  I also expanded my business as a Life Coach and an author.

What is it that you want?

What is it that you need to change to get that result.

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Today’s podcast is also about how to achieve what we want and how to Shine in 2 ZERO One 9!  I share a little of my journey over the last five years and how that has affected my thinking as well as the changes I have made to my life.

It’s only five minutes and I guarantee you will find out how to achieve what you want next year!



Do You Want to Shine in 2 Zero One 9?

You can do anything you want and achieve all you want to.  If you don’t know how to contact me.  I’d love to chat with you.

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Be blessed in the coming year!



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November 9th, 2018


Get Your Energy Back for the Holidays!


This week’s goodness is about getting all your energy back.  We often give our energy, or power, to situations that drain us.  Family issues, relationship issues, worrying about if that little black dress is going to fit for that party coming up.

All of this is energy makes us feel blah and is constantly taking up space in our minds when we could be directing all of that towards enjoyable things in our lives.

What if you could bring all that energy back to you to use in positive ways, not negative ones.  Imagine how amazing that would feel.  You can do that!!

It’s how we are thinking that leads us to our choices so, looking at the thoughts surrounding some of your situations that are draining you.  Is there another way to look at it and choose to either let it go or see it in a different light?

Think about it, you get to choose.

Enjoy the blog and the podcast this week!!

Be blessed!


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The Podcast!

This week’s podcast is a little longer than usual but still only five minutes!

Five minutes you do not want to miss out on.  So much goodness is this one!

This is Podcast #12

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Hope you have a blessed week and enjoy the blog and podcast.

Watch out for next week when I’ll have some tips to get through the

busy season ahead of us.

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