Ready To Find Your Purpose And Your Passion With Kate and her team?

Hey there, lovely lady!

If you’re ready to find what your unique purpose in life is, and what exact superpowers and passions you possess that will make that happen…….

Then this will be the most important event that you attend this year.

But before I tell you about it, let me make this very clear:

This will require change on your part, and that requires work.

Both before, during and after you attend this one night, one day retreat with my special team and me.

But, if you believe and trust in yourself to make the changes you need to during our time together…….

You will desire to take action and change your life so you can live your dreams!

And do you want to know the best part?

Your new perspective is also going to change how every part of your life works together for your best life………….

Here’s what I mean by that………

What my team and I will be sharing with you during our retreat together at my home, and my farm, nestled in Marietta, Georgia……………..

Is exactly how the Law of Attraction really can, and does work in your life whether you know it or not…..

And, how you can deliberately create the life you really want by understanding clearly how it works….……..

As well as learning how smell affects your brain, and your memories, using Young Living Essential Oils!

The Law of Attraction has always been at work in my life and has been the underlying most important key as to why I have been able to face many changes successfully!

Change has always been exciting to me and that has been a key element in my ability to successfully move on to the next adventure….…..

Some of the changes in my life have been emotionally shattering, like a divorce that seemed to happen overnight. I not only survived, but I also thrived.

I moved from another country only to find that my life long career had changed parameters, so I had to make big adjustments there as well. That change led me to adopt eight beautiful children and foster over fifty children who needed a loving home. I most certainly changed to be a better person in every way.

I also survived losing a business venture with my amazing hubby, to grow and successfully build another two businesses and sell them!

It took me a little while, but I found my SuperPower was the ability to change direction successfully, and allow me to share this and help others, like you, do exactly the same.

Let me tell you a secret………… Change can happen quickly and successfully. You don’t have to stay wondering when it will all fall into place………… CAN deliberately create your life how you want it and remove the limits that are holding you back………..

This has been possible to me thanks to understanding how I think……… How my mind can work against me instead of for me…………..How the Positive Power of smell can help me focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want………….. How using simple processes and affirmations can change how my brain thinks and operates………………and, how I can deliberately design and create the life that is meant for me to have………………one filled with joy, hope, peace, and abundance.


I am also not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter)….who attends this private retreat is going to make the changes they have been wanting, or are desiring to make now.

It takes focus and commitment so it’s also likely that some who attend this event still might stay in the same place and do nothing…… even with all the information, processes and oils that support their desire to change (especially if they don’t follow through and take immediate action.)

As I know from my own personal experience, any successful changes will ALWAYS be your responsibility.

Disclaimer: I’m not running this event for those who are not ready for a change……. or those who are not desiring change enough to follow through.

I’m hosting it for YOU……

Someone who is serious about going and getting the life they want and will take action to make the most out of our time together.

So, if you’re interested in being a go-getter by taking action to have your best life, and are wanting to find out more about what our retreat together will look like at my farm, log cabin and all, in Marietta, Georgia………………..

Then it’s time to step up and put on what I like to call “those big girl undies” 😊

It’s time to promise yourself that you are going to soak up all the information and teaching I am about to give you at this retreat.

and, make this event your defining moment of 2020. So with further ado, let me tell you about……..

Exactly what you’re getting at Find Your Purpose/Passion Retreat

This exclusive event will be very different from anything else that I’ve done before.


Because you will be spending quality time with me and my team for an evening and a whole day, something I’ve not done in a coaching event before!

We will be showing you everything you need to know to successfully make the changes you desire to create the lifestyle you really want.

Along with learning everything you need to know to implement the changes you are wanting

This time together will also involve plenty of implementation with processes and oils.

So you can make progress a LOT faster.

At this point, I also need to make it very clear that this event is not “Done-For-You.” It will require your input, time, initiative and the Excitement of Getting Going.

It has been designed as a “Done-With-You” experience……

But, my team and I will be there to support you every step of the way 😊

During our sessions together you will also be getting access to all my unique processes and information to help you make changes together faster including……………

Law of Attraction processes…..

Aroma Freedom Technique processes…..

Young Living Essential Oils…..

Mind, body, and spirit coaching….


Daily Affirmations…………

and the actual hard copy of every coaching session in a binder for you to take with you…………..

I decided to include all of this for you so, that by the end of the retreat, you can walk away with complete confidence……….

Having experienced an inspiring time together and also achieved a lot towards your purpose in life…..

And thanks to my resources, oils, and simple steps, you’ll be able to make any and all changes quickly with amazingly successful results!

Avoid delaying your desire to get going, or second-guessing yourself, and instead, follow up on my proven path to change and finding your purpose with passion.

Designed for women who are ready to get going to claim their “purposeful life”

This will be an intimate event with a restricted number of other female go-getters attending.

I have set this limit to make sure everyone gets looked after.

I have put together a trusted and accomplished team that will be joining us as well.

They will be there to help and work with you over our time together. Here’s a little introduction to them:

Laura (my daughter-in-law) will be there to help from getting you your materials to helping organize meals, snacks and wine-o-clock. She is my right hand at these events and will be yours as well.

Jocelyn (my friend and certified instructor) will be there to help you relax and wind down with Tai Chi and Pilates.

Tracey (Certified Health Coach) who is coming all the way from Australia, will be coaching around emotions and how they can take a toll on your health.

Because this is a “Done-With-You” experience……

Our time together will be very different from any other “coaching” retreat you have attended.

It will be a combination of coaching and learning how to implement it into your life. I’ve made it a one night, one-day event for a reason……….

to make sure there is enough time to cover the content I’ve created….….

and, to give you enough time to build a base on which you can live a life filled with purpose and passion.

We’ll get into coaching, processes and finding your purpose right away on the first evening………

(after some coffee, tea, peppermint water or a prosecco and snacks of course)

We will be showing you exactly……..

What to do……..

How to do it…………….

Why you should do it…………

And when you should do it.

Here’s a sneak peek into what we are going to be covering at the Find Your Purpose/Passion Retreat

How to find out exactly what is holding you back and limiting you in your life………

Why you seem to have stayed “stuck” and have not been able to “get going”……….

Practical things you can do every day and every time your brain wants to hijack you…….

Why emotions and thoughts impact the results you have in your personal and professional life…………….

What is your Super Power and how to start living in your Power Place to implement change……….

So there you have it!

And, that is only a fraction of what we will cover during our one night, one day together.

Soooooooo…………… if you are still reading this, it means you must be pretty interested in finding our more and taking the next step… in securing one of the places I am making available to this event.

But, with all that being said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind.

Time is of the essence……….

This event will only be open until it is filled, and I haven’t decided at this stage if I will do this again in the future.

There will only be fifteen spots available (firm.)

And, some places have already been reserved by my most successful clients……..

meaning the remaining spots will definitely sell out fast.

You are seeing this personal message because you are one of the people who has attended an event or signed up for more information.

Because of that, you are getting the first opportunity to secure your place….………

before I open this up to my wider base in emails and social media.

Once I do that, I don’t expect the remaining spaces to be available for long.

A Unique Opportunity

This event is for you:

If you have a dream that just seems to slip away and never seems to get closer………….

If you are burned out and exhausted from trying to make it all work and are ready to find out how to get better results from your hard-earned efforts………

If you struggle with worry, weight or health issues and want to find a healthier solution…………..

If you have difficulty leaving past relationships behind you and are finding they are in the way of you getting going in a different direction.

If you have memories of trauma or abuse and would like to leave them behind so you could feel better about yourself and move on……….

Oh – one more thing……

You are also going to be getting access to a heap of other special lifestyle “goodies” when you attend this event…….

“Lifestyle Goodies,” you ask?

My professional way of saying………..

Fun Stuff!!!

Outside of coaching, learning and implementing processes………

I have set time aside for you to relax and get to know the other wonderful go-getters who will be joining you…

while you’re enjoying the company of other amazing women in a rural farm setting.

We will be eating meals prepared in the kitchen that Laura and I have designed especially with you in mind, and we will be taking care of your morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner on Saturday lunch.

We will provide some adult beverages, and will also provide peppermint water, tea, and coffee.

So, the big question……

What is your investment to join me for this awesome POWER PACKED weekend?

I have put together this page here that explains everything else.

The Dates

The Times

and your investment.

This is Truly a Limited Offer and Seats Will Fill Fast

So if you’re serious about joining me, claim your seat now before they’re all gone.

Yes! Reserve My Spot!

Thanks for checking out this personal message that I wrote for you and I look forward to seeing you at the farm in Marietta in March.



P.S. In case you’re someone (like me) who just skips straight to the bottom of any letter………….

here’s what I said in many fewer words.

I’m going to be hosting a weekend Find Your Purpose/Find Your Passion retreat at my rural farm in Marietta, Georgia.

This is the first time I have hosted a one night and one day retreat at my farm.

Because of this, it will be a very rare and super valuable opportunity if you’re able to attend.

During this retreat together you’ll uncover your unique purpose for your life as well as your Super Power……..


It’s simple. So you can live your best life every day full of more joy, peace, and abundance.

This event will give you certainty, roadmap, and confidence as well as the support of my team…..

and, you will have access to my resources, essential oils and processes that will become your go-to methods for moving forward to create the life you want.

This event is not Done-For-You as it will require your input, time and initiative.

Rather it will be a Done-With-You experience!

But, my team will be there to support you every step of the way.

During our sessions together you will also be getting access to all my unique processes and information to help you make changes together faster including……………

Law of Attraction processes…..

Aroma Freedom Technique processes…..

Young Living Essential Oils……….

Mind, body, and spirit coaching….……….


Daily Affirmations…………

and the actual hard copy of your whole retreat in a binder for you to take away with you…………..

This event will only be open for a short time and there will limited spots available.

Some spots have already been reserved, so get your spot fast!

You are seeing this personal message because you have either attended a previous event with me or you have requested information from me in the past.

Because of that, you are getting the first opportunity to secure your place before I open this up to others and social media.

Because this is a first of its kind event, pricing is affordable, but not necessarily the right event for everyone either…

but, if you’ve read to this point, chances are you know yourself that this event is what you have been waiting for.

I have put together this page over here that explains everything else including:




and your investment.

I look forward to welcoming you to our unique farm in Marietta, March 2020.

p.s. this is priced very reasonably because I want YOU to experience CHANGE!

p.p.s. if you choose to bring a friend, there will be a special discount applied after reserving your spot.