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Reality TV in your own life

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Can I tell you how many reality TV shows I have been asked to be a part of?

Can I tell you how many I have said……………ah………………….NO!

Can I tell you how many times I have thought (yup thought) ahead and went “Hello”, not too sure how that would look, pan out, portray.

Can I tell you how many times I have looked and understood reality TV is a pantomime, a circus, a place that does not tell about the reality, but the determined, cultivated, perceived reality.  Not the REAL reality.



I give you a picture above.  Really a three or more  dimensional picture.  There is from the top to bottom.  Darkness, then radiant light, then muted light, then shadows, then darkness, then light reflected.  Which category, or layer do you fall into?

Oh, you say this is a picture, not life.  Wrong, this is life.  It is filled with layers.  Ones that are really bright, then ones the opposite, really dark, and then there are the grey areas, some full of light, some shadowed, some reflected.

This picture above is the perfect portrait of REALITY!.  We want to live in the light, beaming, clear, pure, abundant, and life changing.  But, in reality, we are not always there.  Sometimes, we are in the shadows, and sometimes we are sinking into the darkness.  And then, when we are in-between?  We are reflecting between the two.

We all struggle with life issues.  None of us are perfect, or fully fulfilled.  None of us feel we have reached the end of our potential, but, some of us, have given up.  Some of us are in the reflecting pool of light, which gives us a false sense of security, a pass if you like.  We are reflecting, but do not need to change.

Some of us are truly basking in the light, after making serious, life changing decisions and having to be mindful of them every day lest we should sink back into the darkness.

Some of us, are unaware we are in the dark.  We make regular excuses as to why we cannot change, why we cannot do the next thing, why we have to be thinking about all of the crap that is in, and continuing in our lives.

Where are you? Aware, becoming aware, pretending, or totally in the dark.  You do fall in one of these layers.  And, hard word, or tough love which is what I am trying to give you to make you aware.  If you are not totally living in the light, then you are in the dark.  You are not reflecting, you are not unaware, you are hiding.  Hiding in the dark.  And, the dark, does not become you, help you, or move you toward the light.

I have stopped the pretty, let’s feel good blogs.  They are not helping you.  But, I do love all of you who read this and I don’t want you to be in these places anymore.  I long for you to be in the light, in the truth, and understanding that the darkness clouds all of our thinking, our future and our understanding of what we are supposed to be.  It is a pretense, a cop out, and not where any one needs to be if you have a dream, a goal, a purpose and a passion.

In saying all of that, which sounds a bit super spiritual, I am a very practical person.  I understand the softer side, but, understand here, the other side of positive is negative.  And if you have an agenda that is negative, whining, complaining or just oh woe is me, then you will not find the positive, uplifting place.  All of that underlying stuff keeps you down, in a really yucky place.

Now, lets just go away from that crap, negative stuff.  YOU have the opportunity to release that from your life.  When you do, you will be amazed, astounded, and wonder why, WHY, you have lived in this YUK for years.

I have a book.  It deals with this.  All you ned to to do is add your name to my email list and you get a free copy.  Yup, I believe in you enough to do this.



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