Self Check Workbook

I’m a Life Coach who helps women move past messy situations and make better choices.  They’re sick of dealing with worry, finances and letting their past interfere with their future.  I help them change their thinking to let go of the worry and the memories,  regain confidence and, take back control of moving forward with their goals for life.

So we’ve had our first “small taste of coaching” and here is a self-check workbook for you to find out just what you took away from our coaching session together.

Answer all these questions and you will find your biggest “ah ha” moment that you have as a take away to work on and to discuss further on our next 30 minute follow up call.

  1. What feelings, breakthroughs, insights or changes in belief have you had since we last spoke?
  2. What are the biggest personal or professional concerns you are facing now?
  3. What thoughts have you begun to change since our last call regarding your current situation?
  4. What did you identify as being the most important feeling or pattern of behavior, that you want to address and change?
  5. What action are you ready to take to make change happen in your life?
  6. How long do you think it will take for these feelings or patterns of behavior to change permanently?
  7. Do you believe you can do this, either on your own or with further coaching support?
  8. How great is your desire (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest) to make changes in your thoughts or patterns of behavior in your life?
  9. What support system do you have that will help you make these changes?
  10. What other feedback or questions do you have for me on our next call?

When you answer some of these questions you will find the real changes you want to make.   These are the answers I can help you with so you can begin to make real change that will put you on the path forward that you desire!