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So what is YOUR purpose? What you doing with your life?


I keep running into, what is your purpose?

How are you doing with your life?

 What is your passion right now?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

When are you going to do something with your talent?

Why aren’t you doing that?

Have YOU ever looked at the the why, what, how, when in your life?

I mean, why are you doing what you are right now.  Meaning, your job, your relationships, your dreams and your future?

What do you want to change about any of that?

When would you want to do those changes, like a time frame?

And how would you want to see that happen?

And where do you this fulfilling your purpose, your passion?

Often in life, we do not ask these questions, we circumnavigate them.  We really don’t want the answers because that could stop us on the path we feel we should go down.


Well, I just roll, mmm….. what is the path?  Ah, do I have one?  What does it look like?


The man on the path to nowhere generally gets there!  Meaning, he/she has never found a path, or the path, or whatever path.  It is a meandering along the way, hoping that it all falls into place.  Not so!


We only wander because we have not found our purpose.  What is YOURS?   What purpose are you here on earth to fulfill?  Is it motherhood, a career, writing, coaching, dancing, preaching, what is it?  You know, but you just don’t acknowledge, or understand?

You see we often miss the cue’s to our purpose.  We don’t dig deep enough, or ignore the messages that come through our brain in the form of thoughts.  We also don’t understand we HAVE a purpose in this life, one we are not only called to do, but are given the gifts and the abilities to do.

I want to you to think on that. What IS YOUR purpose?



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