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So why do you procrastinate and not do the stuff you really want to?

My husband says the main reason he procrastinates is that you will be older, and therefore wiser, and able to make better decisions!!!!

I think not!!!!  But, it is funny.

So why do we just not get around to the stuff we say we really want to do, but put off, or avoid or excuse ourselves from doing?

I have a lot of theories and most of them cause us to avoid or hide out and not do the very things that could change our lives.

Change is hard!

Change is scary!

Change can be amazing!

Change is growing!

Change is learning!

Change can open up a whole new world of possibilities!

If we let it happen.

I see a lot of positive pictures with positive sayings on social media, and I’ve even created a few myself, so why do we resist changing habits that cause us pain?

Our brains cook up all sorts of stories for us to believe about why we don’t need to change and just do that thing we’ve wanted to for a long time.  You can hear, “you’ll fail” or, “you really don’t want to do that cause people will judge you” and many more statements just like that.

I think I, myself, have three different parts of my brain, or maybe they are the same part telling me different stories.  One part is the go-getter, the successful entrepreneur, one part is the scaredy cat that is struggling with fear and thoughts of failure, and the third part would just like to be a care-free woman with no worries about building businesses, or fulfilling dreams, but would live without thoughts of finances or responsibilities.

The reality is that I need all three of those parts to create balance in my life.  I know for a fact, and maybe you feel this way too, that I need to fulfill my ambitions, whether that is in business, or being a wife and mother.  I need to understand my thought pattern about fear of failure, because if I don’t I may stay in the fear and worry, and never reach my dreams and desires.  And, YES, I want to have enough joy and abundance in my life that I can go on that cruise or holiday or just go and eat out at a really nice restaurant.

So what is it you’re procrastinating about?  Is it putting that relationship in the past for good?  Is it finally getting down to the nitty gritty of why you have gained weight and learn how to release it permanently?  Is it getting your thoughts and feelings about finances in order so you actually love thinking about your money and the joy of being able to spend without the worry of not enough?  If this is you I’d love to talk, just click here!

I can tell you that every time we put stuff off, it comes from a thought in our brain that is resisting change.

We all have willpower, but sometimes that is not enough.  We need to address the stuff that makes the thoughts we have about change.

If you relate, I have a special offer for you.  I would love to have a virtual coffee with you over Zoom and I will help you identify why you are staying where you are and not getting what you really want out of life.   Go here!!

By the way, how do you like your coffee?  Let’s do it!

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