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So, I was down for the count, so I thought.

I had an amazing opportunity to go to Spain for another part of me.

I had a Master Mind Coaching I really wanted to go to.

I had and have an amazing songwriting retreat to go to…….



What do you go to?

What is important enough to go to

And what do you sacrifice?

I really wanted to say none, but I couldn’t see how that could happen.



You see you can have everything, it’s just the way you are thinking about things that says you can’t.

When you let go of your limitations, your expectations, and your negative thoughts, it happens………..yes it happens even better than what you thought.

So, I started planning to go to my Master Mind coaching event with a  lot of coaching buddies I was longing to catch up with and network, laugh, testify, have joy with and then something else came up.  Can I say more than one something else came up.

Then other stuff started to get in the way, and make my thinking start to say “You can’t go” and, crap, I listened.  What the what???

Gosh, I thought I had learned better than that.

But, ends up I did learn better than that.

You see, when all the fog cleared, and I knew I was supposed to go to this event, a way became clear.  The finances happened, the flight happened, and then….., oh, then.  The hotel did not.


Just where was I supposed to stay???

I didn’t want to hire a car, I didn’t need it.

Why oh Why was I born into this situation?


There was a better rate, even better than the group rate, I just had to get online.  I want to do a video now of that person who is so different online, because, that is what hotels are about.  There is always a better deal online.   They haven’t sold out.  They are lying.  And when you think you have got the best rate, you haven’t.

So you remember that amazing video of  Brad Paisley’s song, “Online” or I’m so much cooler online?  YUP, they are right.  Hotels are so much cooler online, or in person when you just show up and they have a gazillion rooms available for a now unbelievable low rate.

Well, I got one of those.  Two queen beds, best location, for $60 a night less than the group rate.  You heard me.  Yup they were sold out, but not online.  Not if you belong to AAA, not if you have another discount card, not if you just want a room.

I’m not a big fan of online, but, now I am.  I’m getting what I really wanted for so much less than what I booked just a couple of months ago.

Heckers!!!  Dang!!!!  What more proof do you want?  Go out there and EXPECT that GOD, the UNIVERSE is for you not against you and HE will bring you what you deserve.

I deserved this.  I have twelve kids, nine grandkids, a mother who is failing in Australia, and heck I need a break!!!  Do you think He doesn’t know that???

Dang, yes HE DOES.  And He made it happen.   And I am going.

What do you want in YOUR LIFE?  Why is it you can’t believe it will happen, just as you want it to, within your budget, time frame and life’s demands.

You want to know how?  Just contact me.  I just made this happen, no coincidence, just a belief, a knowing, a putting out there that happened so fast, it was almost unbelievable   But, it happened, against all odds, because I believed.

If you would like a 30 minute free coaching session sign up on my email list.  Let me know what you are struggling with.  I would love to hear from you.


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