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So You Can Have Everything


So, you grew up like I did.  Maybe not in the same generation, but the same ideas, principles, examples etc.

They didn’t fit your world, your dreams, or your thoughts.

Well, we, as the general people in the world, tend to have tunnel vision.

I was out to dinner tonight with some new Aussie Innovators.  After having general, then personal, then intimate  observations about all of this, I discerned exactly what the heck happens in all of our lives.

Most of us, excluding me, think we are geared to have one, or maybe two things in our lives at the most.  We get married, take the roles on of that which is ordained, feel frustration, on both sides, and wonder why we have not achieved, or even can imagine our dreams.


Majority of people have one dream, some have one or two dreams, few have so many they don’t know which one to initiate.


Some of us, including me, hear or see many dreams.  It’s not which one, it’ s how many can I achieve and how.


Do I or you have to choose?


Can’t I have more than one choice?


Can’t I do everything I want to?


No. Just a  reason, just a belief system you have bought into.,

My story is not the usual and will not relate to a lot of people.  But, the end result of it was I don’t have ONE direction!!!!  I am a mother, I am a friend, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am an employee, I am an innovator, I am a Life Coach, I am a writer of songs and books, and I am minister and so on.


This can be one thing, this can be two or multiple things in your life.  You are more than one thing in your life.  Even if you think you are a Mother, you are also a wife, a daughter, maybe a sister etc.


No, you can have everything you are called to.  Not one, not two, but everything.

We are conditioned from birth to think that we only  have one purpose in life.  We do not.  Not as a male, and not as a female.  Do you know I learned today that there has been a severe irregularity in the film industry with ratio male to female, since the 1940’s.


So, I would like to encourage you to be more than one dimensional, more than “just” a mother, because that is not real, “just” is not a validating word, more than a wife, more than a husband, more than a   statistic, more than a fictional character in your own existence.

Letting you know this amazing revelation.  Let go.  Let go of all the stuff that stops you from believing you can be everything, so some small part, but everything you ever wanted to be.

I have.  I am walking into so many opportunities in so many diverse fields, because that’s who I am.  Diverse.  Multi talented, multi directional, and open, so open, to hearing HOW I CAN HAVE EVERYTHING!

I would love to help you understand the very simple steps to having everything you ever wanted.

Sign up, email me, contact me.  15 minute coaching session free.

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