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The Desire To Do That Thing. Where are You on the dial?

I have had the worst cold/virus thing the last few days.

I wake up coughing in the early hours of the morning.

I have felt ah, why me?  I don’t get sick.  This is terrible.

This morning, I decided to change my thinking about that.

I decided that maybe, just maybe, God was trying to tell me something.

I have had this thing about desire for a few years now.

It’s something I come back to.

Sometimes I struggle to have enough desire over complacency.

Ok, that’s a “jargon” word.

Sometimes, I can’t be bothered.

To change is too hard over the desire to just continue where I am.

So, while amazing hubby is quietly snoring, I am thinking about desire.

I knew I desired to go back to sleep.

So why wasn’t that happening?

And then this thought hit me, like at 3.30a.m.

There is a “Dial” concerning desire.

Do I dial 2, or am I dialing 10.  Ten being greater.

Am I feeling a 2 on the desire to change, or am I on fire to change.

I live a pretty hectic life, one I would not change, but challenging is a mild thing to describe it.

I am a mum of twelve children, nine grands, and eight still at home.

My desire for the four oldest to find apartments is a 10!!!

My desire to keep parenting with six teenagers in the house is sometimes a 0.

Life is wearing.  It wears us down.  Everyday life is a challenge.


I don’t know that I have that full answer.

I just know that when life becomes so unbearable, you desire to change.

What it is you want to change?

For me?  I have a couple of fifteen year old twins.

Need I say more?

The only way I can do that is “change” my thinking about what they are doing, acting out.

If I focus on the negative, I am attracting the negative.  WOW!

Is it really that easy?

Yes it is.

Your challenge, or comfortable place maybe your weight, a relationship, your kids, your ex,  money,  comes down to the same thing.  How much desire do you have to change.

Until your Desire Dial reaches a ten or higher, you are not going to change.

You can listen to all the webinars, do all the courses, spend heaps of money, but if your Desire Dial is not a ten?  You are going to stay the same.  A Zero or a two.

I used to call this the Desire Factor, but that is a “jargon” title as well.

Just like there is a dial on a telephone, or a sun dial, or a scale of what you are feeling today, desire is on that scale.

What do you think your Desire Dial is to change where you don’t want to be anymore?

I’d love to know, because I know, in every case, I need to change my thoughts about this.


Change does not happen without a deep DESIRE to change.

Your feelings won’t make you change.

Your actions come out of what you feel.

Your outcome is a result of that, and is that what you have right now, or even want?

Ok, another blog after this one, tomorrow, to clarify some of this in greater detail.

If this is you and you need to talk go here.

Let me leave you with this.

If you do not have great desire, like on the Dial an 8-10.

You are not going to follow through.

More tomorrow!

If you can’t wait go here


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