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The Dilemma of Desire



Desire….what does that mean in the equation of wanting something.

A lot.

You can want something all of your life, but if your desire factor is not firing you might never achieve what you really want.

Desire is the most driving thought, feeling, action you can have.

If you don’t have desire that is over riding fear then you will not achieve what you want to have in your life.

I am a certified coach in the Law Of Attraction, but, attracting is only part of this equation.  If you do not desire to change your thoughts, you cannot attract what you want in life.

I know this in my own life and my own achievements.

Let me tell you a short story here.

When I was fifteen and fearless, I desired to be in the top Musical Theater Company in my state in Australia.

I did not have any fear.  I had excitement.  I had nervous feelings on the night I went to audition.  But, my desire to be in this company was greater than any audition, any feeling or any fear.

My focus was not on the stuff between my toes, or that same stuff trying to bleat in my ears, my focus was on my desire.

Because of that, I became the youngest member ever in the history of that professional Musical Theater Company.

I think we are born fearless, but it accumulates as we grow and are taught to fear.

Fear overcomes desire.

Desire becomes something that ends up being a frustrating feeling that you feel you should blame someone for.

Blame turns into shame, even if we don’t recognize that.

You see when we shame ourselves, we believe we are not good enough, not smart enough, not good-looking enough, not skinny enough and on and on.

That is shaming.  It comes from blaming (yes I’m a poet and I know it)

When we blame, we do not have to take accountability.  We can say our desire has been smothered by opinion, when really our desire has been conquered by fear, or lack of nourishment from our minds.

What is it you desire?

Do you feel it has been taken away from you?

Is that by a person, a feeling, an action, or fear?

If your desire to do something is so great, why are you not doing it?

I’d like you to think about that.

You might not know why.

You might not have an answer.

But is it still the burning desire you have in your heart?

If you would like to talk to me about how to get that desire to be paramount in your life again, I would love to help you.

I have been there.

I have had to re-kindle my desires to become a raging fire above my fears.

Do you want that in your life?

Then my gift of a complimentary coaching session is here.

Life IS like a box of chocolates…….it’s you who gets to choose.

What chocolate do you want?  The sweetest one is here when you talk with me.

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