The Essential Coaching Academy

TECA is a coaching academy that teaches a combination of Law of Attraction, Causal Coaching and the power of Essential Oils to manifest your dreams and desires.

Kate is also an Aroma Freedom Practitioner/Emotional Freedom Coach, and a Health and Wellness Coach. All these methods are incorporated into this Life Coaching course. You will learn practical processes, and techniques to not only help you on your journey, but will empower your clients to live the life they envision.

The current curriculum consists of four modules:

  1. MODULE 1. Coaching Skills 101. 6 Weeks

2. MODULE 2. The Seven Laws of Attraction and the Essential Oils that co-ordinate. 7 weeks

3. MODULE 3. Meditation, Visualization, and Conscious Alignment 6 weeks

4. MODULE 4. The Art of Capturing Thoughts (Mindfulness) 6 Weeks.

Length of course 25 weeks. (approximately 6 months)

Cost of the course $1497.00 USD

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For more information regarding the Academy please contact Kate Penwarn Thompson at