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The Power Of Letting Go!

I’m so lucky to be able to live on a small farm right in the middle of suburbia!

In fact, I’m like a mile as the crow flies from the mall, yet, it feels like the middle of the country!

I have goats!  In fact baby goats at the moment.

You can’t be unhappy when a baby goat is gamboling around!

I’m so lucky to be able to have one-day retreats on my little farm and I look forward to each one of them.

Did you know when I first had the idea to have a retreat that nowhere did I find anyone doing a one day retreat?

Maybe I invented it, who knows, but they sure are refreshing and a great day with awesome women.

This is what the food looks like!  YUM!

The last retreat I added something amazing to the mix of coaching, food, fun, and meditation.

It was Essential Oils.  Not any old essential oils, but the purest of them all, Young Living Essential Oils.

In a few weeks, I will actually be a certified Aroma Freedom Technician or coach.  I’ve actually started adding this to sessions with my coaching clients because of the power of smell and releasing memories and old beliefs.

This is life changing stuff.

Do you know how free you become when you can leave those old memories and bad stories behind you?

Essential oils can help you do that so much easier and quicker when you are working with a Life Coach who is also an oils coach.  This was one of my safe seats without oils, and it was life-changing.   I can’t wait to do safe seats at my next retreat in conjunction with oils.

And yes, I live in a log cabin!

So I encourage you to come along to my next retreat and experience the power of letting go and getting CLARITY!

If you would like to have a complimentary coaching session with oils please contact me here! (I’ll send you the oils.)

Oh, and the next retreat is on April 27th, 2019!

You won’t want to miss it!

And, don’t forget your complimentary session with me!  Just click here!

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