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The Christmas Shoe Box


Ok, there is a lot of jangling on the feelings out there right now.  Tis the season to be jolly, etc, and this season is not making you feel jolly at all.  Why?

There’s a lot of pressure to go to church even if you don’t any other time of the year.  Why?

You have a lot of emotions going on around, well I dodged Thanksgiving but I can’t dodge Christmas.  Why?

That question, why, maybe something you cannot even parse in your brain right now, because you don’t know why.

If you are thinking, or relating to, well here’s another “fake” feeling Christmas where if I say something real it will blow up, as in what? why? how? did you? etc.

Or if like me in my past Christmases, as a child, go, who are these people who give trains to my boy cousins and a hankie to me and my sisters?

BTW, a hankie is a hankerchief.  A piece of cloth designed to blow your nose into.

My cousins, got trains, and cars and great toys, but myself and my sisters were not boys.  We got hankies.

Now, I do not hold that against them, even though the people  responsible kept us apart for many years, but it did something to my ego, soul, etc.  It made me feel, not think, (that I knew about then) but feel, inferior.  I was small, in stature and in years, and did not need that baggage.

Funnily, I don’t dwell on the hankie as a present.  I was acknowledged and loved from other people, and this was almost an expectation even in my very young mind.  My Christmases as a child could be analyzed and said to be a blessing in disguise.  You see I had these amazing great Aunts who loved us, and gave us amazing special hand picked and hand crafted gifts before I got the hankie.

I got a shoe box from them, just like the ones we now fill and send to less fortunate children.  Wow, what a comparison!  But, they knew there was one gift under the tree, and probably not much after that.   My parents loved us, but one gift was what they could give.

My shoe box held magical things.  The things that they knew I would love, just the same as things they put in my sisters boxes were the things they loved.  My most precious memory, a quartz diamond and sapphire ring that was stolen from me later in life.  While it hurt, it did not ever remove the memory of the gift, and the moment I received it at fourteen.

Coming up to the season for the reason, which I think is giving.  What is your special shoe box memory?  What was that special thing that you associate with you.   The RAW you that made you want to ROAR!!

I sure roared a lot when my special, precious ring was gone,  The tangible was taken, but never the memory of opening that box and finding that gift of love.  It will remain forever.

You may not even have a shoebox, or someone to give you one this Christmas, but you have memories that can never be taken, or stolen, that remind you of  better seasons of giving.

You may be able to give a lot of shoeboxes to a lot of people but are too hurt or in a place you can’t think about that. Or your RAW is so RAW you can’t think about ROARING!

Wherever you are, this IS the season for being RAW.  It is the stripped away time, like the baby got born in the manger in a stall that probably stank of animal poop.  He was pure in the midst of that.

Whatever you believe, if you cannot be RAW, then you have some stuff to clean up before you can ROAR.

All I know is, that when we get rid of the stink or the stuff, and become RAW, man can we ROAR and leap into life to get what it has for us.

So, please, this season, chuck the covering and become RAW.  Learn to ROAR!  That is when we experience JOY!



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