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Three great tips to get out of the mess and move on!


Life is messy.





Do you ever wish it would all go away?

Do you just want to move on sometimes and hit the refresh button?

I do.

And, I have done.  But, not like on my computer.

It took me a little more than hitting the refresh button ’cause I was dealing with my mind.

But, then again, my mind is more than a computer.

Yup, it always comes back to those nagging, worrying thoughts that just want to keep us circling the pit.

What happens to you when you can’t stop the thoughts from invading your peace?

Do they drive you deeper into the mess that is creating your thoughts?

Do they want to interrupt your sleep, your work, your attitude?

I used to get all tied up in knots about those messy thoughts.

The ones that tried to tell me I was to blame, or someone else was to blame.

The ones that tried to tell me I couldn’t get in control of my money, like ever.  Like, I’m going broke!!!

The ones that said I was too fat and my clothes looked awful.

The ones that just kept telling me I wasn’t worth much and couldn’t succeed if I wanted to.

Well, all those messy thoughts are just that, and if you don’t want them, you don’t have to have them.

You can choose to have a different thought.


First tip:

As soon as the thought comes to you question it. It’s as easy as that if you do it when it first shows up.  Ask it where it got its validation from?  Then tell it to scram.

Second tip:

It might have some validation if you are tight in the money department.  So what do you do then?

Put the limiting thoughts of money away, and tell your mind you are in the process of earning more money and money is not something that is going to hold you down from your dreams or your goals.

Money is just a commodity, energy, and something we use to buy and sell.  When you can understand that concentrating on the lack of money will bring even more lack of money, you will not dwell on the worrying thoughts of money.

I’ve been there and never dwelled.  I always went, well how can I make some more?  If you don’t understand this piece then you need to talk to me.  I’m a certified Money coach.  Just go here.  CLICK HERE

Third tip:

If you obsess over your appearance as in your weight, then you are sabotaging yourself into either gaining more weight or not gaining weight if you are too thin.

Weight is generally a comparison we make about our body to other women.  Now, you may be overweight, or underweight, and have been told medically to change that, but, beating yourself up about it is not going to change it.  It is going to once again put you behind the eight-ball.

So, when did you ever have the perfect body, like the magazine said you should have?

Never!  Oh, wait, maybe when you were 13!

And, if you’ve had children?

You now have a WOMAN’S body, not a girls body.  You have sexy curves or a bigger bottom, some stretch marks, but they made you into the woman you are and you are still sexy, beautiful and amazing.  And, let’s get real!  If you are married then I’m here to tell you amazing hubby loves you and your body.  You gave him his children and he’d better appreciate that.  You appreciate his pants that belt below his NOW tummy, right!!  Don’t be so hard on yourself!

And, if you haven’t had kids and are beating up your body?  Cut it out.  Period.  We are all shapes and sizes.  If you know you are overeating or overdrinking and that is what’s causing your weight then go here. CLICK HERE

There are many more tips I can give you but, I can offer you many solutions if you would like to talk to me.  Complimentary, on the house. CLICK HERE

Check out the retreat page.  CLICK HERE

Or, go to the registration page. CLICK HERE


Next retreat is in February!!  It’s going to be amazing!

If you would like to talk to me, on the house! CLICK HERE” ]

I would love to talk with you and welcome you to my next retreat, 9th February at my farm in Marietta Georgia!

Be blessed!

A picture of the food at my last retreat in October 2018!  Amazing!

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