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Three things to help you get out of the Blah’s!

Do you have BLAH moments or days?

And if and when you do how do you get out of the BLAH?

I have a confession to make.

I have BLAH days and I have my own ways to get out of the BLAH before it takes over the whole day.

In fact, I had one of those moments the other day.

It happened because of overwhelm.

Yes, I have identified why I get into the BLAH.

If you get this “down” feeling do you know why,  where it is in your body and what it feels like?

So, if you identify with BLAH, next time it comes to take your moment or day, stop for a moment and tune into your body.

When you stop, you stop the thoughts in your mind and turn them around so you can find the feeling you are having and where that is coming from.

It might be in your chest or your stomach.

When you find it and understand the feeling in your body, you can begin to arrest the BLAH before it takes over.

There are three different ways you can get out of the BLAH pretty quickly.

The first is identifying the feeling and then deliberately changing your thought pattern.  Begin to turn the negative thoughts into ones that lead you to a better place.

I usually stop and tell myself, “this is overwhelming.”  I then ask myself where it is coming from and then tackle the thoughts that are leading me down that path.  When you can maintain a positive thought for seventeen seconds and then hold it through to 68 seconds you will have changed your thoughts and feelings.

The second is then to look at all the positive things that are happening in your life to the point of writing them down.  It is important to affirm yourself and remind yourself of all the good that is happening.  Remind yourself that you are worthy, beautiful and deserve joy in your life.

The third is to take a few minutes to meditate or pray.  By taking your own private quiet time to meditate or pray is calming, re-affirming and healing.

Our spirit is meant to be fed and when we tend to all of our body, meaning, our minds, our physical needs and spirituality we have more peace and joy in our lives.

So remember next time you get into the BLAH’s, identify, affirm and meditate or pray.  The BLAH’s will soon be gone!

If you want to have a coffee chat with me about the BLAH’s click here and you can set up a time with me!

Be Blessed!


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