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Three ways for you to shine in 2019 and what did your Christmas table look like?

Whew!  Christmas is now 36o odd days away!


I hope you had a great holiday season and I know that the New Year is just around the corner.


Sometimes the stress of the holidays ends up in the blues which is not cool at all.


I had a plan for this Holiday season and while I coached on it, I also followed it.


You know what?


It worked!


My shopping was done three weeks ahead of time except for two gifts which I knew I would get at a great bargain a few days before Christmas.


My wrapping was done!  Whoa!  A first for me.


I didn’t stress about gifts, cleaning, food prep, ah, but there was one thing.


Now, I didn’t stress, but it was a major spanner thrown in my works for the preparation and execution of Christmas dinner, day and what’s expected of me.


I was so glad that I had prepared and planned for Christmas.


The present buying and the wrapping.


The food and what we were having.


The ingredients, like, no last minute runs to Walmart!!


The mind preparation.


Did you get that?


The MIND preparation.


If I had not done that last piece, the MIND preparation, it would have totally unraveled.


Ok, you might have six, or eight, or ten or twelve for dinner on Christmas.  I have thirty plus.


I can’t set that very nice table, but I do prepare a table.


My table is laughter, friendship, vulnerability, openness, stories, crying, even anger, but nothing is left out on my table.


It’s not about a china table setting.  It’s not physical or visual.


You can come to my table with anything.




Because, my loved ones and myself have endured hardships, unexpected news, joy, laughter, sorrow, and every emotion during the year.


None of us are perfect and I am so glad none of us come to the table like that.


We come, warts and all, minorities, the gender fluid, the gay community, the alcoholic, the one struggling with weight, the shy, the grandbaby who is trying to live up to her Aunts and Grammy’s vocal ability, the bartender and her mom who are struggling through a divorce that has devasted both of them, the grandbaby who had to visit with his dad and didn’t feel comfortable, the daughter who felt guilty about her son visiting, court ordered, with an alcoholic dad and her mother on Christmas day.


That’s what a real family is.


No screens, or filters.


This is who we are.


This is who I am.


Weaknesses are just that, but you can change that.




Well, I can help you.




In 2019.


First.  Do you want to go further than where you are?

Let me give a clue.  Change your mindset on where you are and where you want to be.


Second.  Are you blaming others for what has happened to you?

You can’t change anyone else.  You can change your own thought pattern and beliefs.


Third.  When do you want to change your self-damaging thoughts about everything?

You have to change those thoughts. Those thoughts are your feelings. Do you want to let your feelings rule you or do you want to have a different perspective that changes your thought and your damaging feeling?


If you relate.


Hey contact me,


I’ve got a great complimentary coaching session that will help you define what you need to do to change this. CLICK HERE




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