Let go The Weight, Let go The Worry!

You have tried diet after diet and even lost a few pounds, but only to gain them all back.  You joined the gym and exercised like crazy, starved yourself, drank heaps of water and the scale still yo-yoed up and down.

You even tried one of those expensive shake diets and while it worked a little bit, you missed eating!! Then you told yourself that maybe you are supposed to carry the extra weight and went back to your old habits.

The Good News!

There is good news!  There is another way.  Let me tell you about how you CAN release weight, eat real food, and find your ideal body.

You want to fit back into those jeans you’ve been hanging onto for a couple of years and get depressed because they won’t zip up.  You really wish you could go to dinner again and not feel guilty about what you are eating.

You like to exercise, but want to be able to move better and not feel like the weight is holding you back.  You wish that you could have more energy and not feel so tired.

You’d like to go back to your healthier ideal body.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar

You’ve tried all the diets, but hate feeling hungry all the time.

You want to feel sexy, and excited about wearing your clothes.

You want to regain your confidence in your relationship with your body

You Can Do All Of This!

I’m a Life Coach and an Aroma Freedom Practitioner, who will help you get back in charge of your mind and your body, begin to make healthy choices and regain your ideal body.  During ” Weightless” you’ll begin to see how to leave the worry and the weight behind you.  

When we’re done you will feel motivated to change your eating and drinking habits for good, and know just what steps you need to take to move forward into your new sexy body!

As a result of this coaching package you will:

Learn how to make better choices by understanding how your mind determines what you are eating

Get know exactly what portion size you should be eating and recognize when you should be eating.

Understand why you are not in your ideal body and why you are not releasing weight.

Realize what causes stress eating and drinking and feel excited to know you have the power to change that.

This program includes all of the following!

Getting to know you questions.

These questions will help you get a deeper understanding of what makes you feel excited, and what problems are upsetting you most in your life. When you identify these, and how they affect you, you will feel inspired by releasing the weight and the worry.

Twelve weekly coaching sessions with me.

In these sessions, we will identify your current eating and drinking habits, and set out a specific plan to achieve your new body.  Together we’ll address exercise and find the right fit for you. I’ll also guide you through Aroma Freedom Technique sessions where we’ll use Young Living Essential Oils to help release old beliefs, blocks, and patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

You’ll learn to become aware of when you’re hungry and when you’re full, using a simple but powerful hunger scale.  This will teach you to get back in touch with your body using your mind to identify when you need to eat.

You’ll understand the stages of your mind so you understand when you are totally in control and when your emotions are ruling your eating and your habits.  You’ll begin to regain your power to understand how your mind can control and sabotage your efforts to release the weight.

There’ll daily journal sheets with affirmations send to you so that you can track your daily habits in eating, exercise, meditation, and water intake. You will have these to reflect on and record your personal information each day.

You’ll have worksheets and homework to help you stay on track and achieve your ideal new body.

Every session will be recorded and sent to you so that you can access the Aroma Freedom sessions and the information that we discussed during the coaching session.

Are you ready to move on to your new beginning? Great!  Then let’s release the unwanted weight and worry!  Go to the option that you’re looking for. Here’s how to get started!

This program is offered in two ways. The first is one-on-one personal coaching.

Cost of this One-on-One 12 session, three-month package is $1,497.00 or, three monthly payments of $500.00

Step 1.  Make your payment here: There will be the option for a deposit.

Step 2.  Within the next 24 hours of making your payment, you will receive an email with the “Getting To Know Yourself questions.”   You will also get instructions on how to book your first 60- minute session.

The second option is to work in a group with others who are struggling with the same issues. This cost is much less than one-on-one personal coaching. You still get everything, along with meeting some great people to encourage you along the way.

The cost of this 12 session, three-month group package is $497.97 or three monthly payments of $178.97

Step 1.  Make your payment here: There will be the option for a deposit.

Step 2.  Within the next 24 hours of making your payment, you will receive an email with the “Getting To Know Yourself questions.”   You will also get instructions about our first group session.

I am so excited to work with you!!  Any questions?

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