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What Are You Focused On?

What catches your focus?

Is it really good things in your life?

Or is it things that stress you?

Do you beat yourself up over silly things?

If you’re nodding your head to any of that, then I can tell you I’ve done all that.

What I did find was what I was stressing about sometimes never happened. It was just a worry in my mind.

If I was focused on not having enough time to do what I needed to do, guess what? I didn’t have enough time, in fact, often I seemed to have less.

And. when I was doing what I thought were all the right things for my business, nothing worked there either.

So, what was I doing wrong?

It took me a while but it finally hit me.

Focusing on what I didn’t want was creating exactly that!

Sounds too simple, right

When the lightbulb finally went off, I realized I hadn’t stopped dreaming, and thought I was focused on my goals, but my focus had me standing on the shore waiting for my ship to come in.

Do you recognize yourself here?

Do you find yourself worrying about some of these things to excess?

Like you’re spending more time focusing on your problems than on where you’d like to be?

And if you’re being upfront with yourself, does that continually make the problem worse?

I can tell you that when you “get” this, it all changes.

So if you’re still reading this I reckon this is ringing a bell for you.

I’d love to help you. If you’d like a virtual coffee chat on the house go HERE!

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