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What do you do when you can’t get that thought out of your head?

So you are suddenly struck by a thought.

It’s not one you really like or want to have.

This thought makes you feel anxious, unsettled.

As you hang on to the thought, more thoughts start to join in.

Your mind is now racing and you are completely distracted.

All the what if’s, I can’t’s, negative thoughts are now growing.

You’re really feeling worried and anxious now.

Your thoughts are taking over your moment.

Has that ever happened to you?

It has to me.

Mostly in the middle of the night, or five o’clock in the morning.

Then I toss and turn, can’t get the thoughts out of my mind, and I start worrying over the smallest thing that turned into a big anxious explosion.

That is until I remember to do this one simple exercise.

Let me tell you about it.  You may have heard of it, but like me, sometimes forget to use it.

Did you know if you have a worrying thought and let it stay in your mind it attracts other thoughts?  Thoughts that are similar to each other.  So one worrying thought leads and attracts another.  It works with all thoughts.

So if you are trying to be healthy and have a thought about a favorite unhealthy fat bomb snack, have you ever noticed that before too long, in fact around about a minute or less, you are headed almost mindlessly to put that sucker in your mouth.

But, if you recognize your worrying thought straight away and capture it, you change your thought path.  So, I have a light bulb go off in my head for potato chips and immediately stop it and think about an apple an peanut butter you can avoid the sabotage.  When you build on a thought it adds more thoughts, which then activates your mind and body to attract like-minded thoughts and feelings.

If you can maintain the thought you choose for seventeen seconds and hold it all the way through to sixty-eight seconds you have changed your mind and your feelings.

Try it!!

It works!

Have a great weekend!

Power of the brain!

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