What do your feelings have to do with your reactions?

Do you ever have a knee jerk reaction?

Like, there wasn’t any pause between the incident that offended you to the reaction you had.

I actually had one the other day, not that I’m proud of it. I did recognize straight away what I’d done and knew why I did.

It was from habit. A hard wired old reaction that was still lurking down in my brain. I’ve worked very hard to change that pattern, but when the perfect storm occurred, it reared up and took over before I had time to pause, or think.

The result of this is I had to be very mindful over the next couple of days and make sure I was capturing those thoughts, and recognizing the triggers that made that ugly sucker show up.

Oh, I forgave myself, didn’t beat myself up, and apologized because that’s necessary to expand, create and have unlimited potentiality in life.

Where do these “habits” that cause pain come from? They’re old patterns that are hard wired in the brain, and if we want to change our behaviors, patterns or habits, we have to be fully present in our conscious mind.

When we slip and let our subconscious mind take over, that’s where we’re now attracting things into our life that we don’t want. This is exactly why a lot of people think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

It works regardless. There are many aspects, in fact seven parts or components to the Law of Attraction and each one is important to make it all come together and make the flow of life easy and abundant.

So, is there something you struggle with in your life that leaves you in “sit and wait” mode? Are you literally waiting for your ship to come in “one day?” If you want to chat about that just click here and let’s have a virtual coffee.

I’ve often been in places in my life where I thought I couldn’t change things, that it would always be this way, or that way. But, I was wrong.

You see, I couldn’t move out of the place I didn’t want to be in until I changed my thinking about it. I had to take my focus of what I didn’t want and move it to what I did want.

When all my focus was on the things I didn’t want, I wasn’t allowing any space to create new and wanted things in my life.

I also wasn’t particularly grateful for the things that were in my life, so I was unable to move on and through to a different space that I wanted to deliberately create for myself.

Dwelling on the negative attracts the negative. Complaining about the negative things in life will not change them, it will keep them in your life.

So, what do your feelings have to do with your reactions? Those deep down feelings that have created patterns in your brain cause the unwanted and wanted reactions you have which ultimately give you the results in your life.

What if you could change the results you don’t like in your life? You can. Just by changing your thoughts that are creating feelings that don’t serve you anymore.

If you’d like to change something in your life and want to chat more about how to do that and implement it into YOUR life, then click here and let’s chat!

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