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What does abundance look like?


Coffee break.

I never understood I walked in abundance naturally.

It was a way of life, I guess.

If someone had said to me what is abundance?  I’m not sure I would understand that phrase.

Abundance.  God talks about it, but what is it.

Flowing, accepting, living in the best, not the worst, understanding  problems, but understanding also they will work out.

Not dwelling, or being stuck in the negative, or constant recurring problems, but understanding that God has everything in you for good. Stuff comes, stuff goes, but it is how you dwell or think about it that creates your abundance.

I could name oh so many things in my life where I didn’t accept the “no” but fought for the yes.  I never understood that as abundance.

I didn’t recognize my conscious awareness of what I ate, and drank  caused me to have abundance.  Freedom, to be social, but not to be dieting, or have issues with weight.  To understand that company was more than eating, or overeating, or over drinking.

You see when we don’t understand why we eat, drink, fight, argue, feel sad, feel rejected, feel abandoned, is a lack in our thinking about abundance in our lives.  It all ties together, dang, that’s a biggie.

Failed relationships not resolved, lead to the next failed relationship.  Over spending, not resolved leads to the next out of the world credit card bill.  Overeating, over drinking, lack of self control in all areas of our lives, it all leads to “lack.”

Ok let’s explain lack.  I think it speaks for itself.  Like, lacking in relationships, life goals, weight loss, drinking too much to cover the pain, lack of self control with emotions, checking out when you are needed with family or friends.

All of this is not going forward, hence you are in “lack.”

Lack also comes when we become “obsessive.”  Dang, that is the one I fight.  We can obsess over almost anything, but God requires balance, neither over or under, but a compromise, a balance.

When we push, over talk, over anything, we don’t convince anyone of our opinion, we just are over the boundary, and we create lack.  Why, cause the other person is burned out on our talking over the top, and can’t even remember what the conversation was about.  Familiar???

I think you get lack, right?

So, which one do you want?  Are you ready to move out of lack into abundance and how that feels for you?

None of us does this 100% but when you do abundance in your thoughts  the majority of the time, you will walk in it.

For me?  I am so glad I understand what abundance is and what lack is.  I know which one I want to walk in.

When You Walk In The LIGHT!

All is answered!






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